Friday, August 3, 2012

Spencer is now FIVE!

Well, my Spencer is now FIVE.

I have been blogging long enough that every single of his birthdays (except the DAY of his birth...) has been recorded. Wanna see?
And now, FIVE. A whole hand. We are taking a deep breath and starting kindergarten. All his school stuff came in the mail today, actually. So, we are really actually doing it. We never really considered holding him back a year, he'll do great. But still.

Where did five years go?

As for his celebratory day? He dictated the day, minus having to clean up before the party. He would have happily skipped that part.

Spencer chose Taco Bell for lunch. When I tried desperately to change his mind, he was resolute. "We haven't been there in s LONG time, Mom." Sigh. Then I remembered MONTHS ago, on Oliver's birthday, Spencer declared that on HIS birthday he wanted Taco Bell.

Are you getting that we don't eat at Taco Bell?

Then he ate two Doritos Tacos. Ugh.


Then, the matter of his party. What mattered? Water games, swim suits, friends, family and ice cream cake.

The ice cream cake was non-negotiable.

And so, thus commenced the celebrating of  FIVE.

It was so fun.

It's humorous, living near family. Because his friends really are family (even those we're not *technically* related to) and so, I end up inviting child-less 20 (and 30) -something aunts and uncles who then happily come and celebrate hardcore right along side the kids.

It makes it fun for all.

Spencer had a great day, I hope. It's always my goal: Make my baby's birthdays special. Nearly seven years into parenting, we've got it down: a few gifts, let them choose their activity, some friends and family, and make sure there is good food.  It works. It works REALLY well.

(The party after-math. Oh my.) 

Now, our Spencer Recap. At FIVE years old Spencer is:
very handsome, if I do say so myself.
learning to read and super excited for Kindergarten
an excellent brother. He is sweet and loving.
loves Super Heros, Batman is still a favorite, along with Spiderman,
has a great imagination. He can turn anything into a toy, with a story.
likes to read books.
is a great eater. He's willing to try stuff I offer.
says super funny things without meaning to be funny.
still is a morning person. We've made some strides. MOST mornings he's quiet until 6... ok, some mornings.
can be incredibly unaware. Sometimes he just is so off in his own little world...
is very excited for his sister to come. :) (ME TOOOOOO!!!!)

We sure are thankful that our Spencer is OUR Spencer. He is his own man, and we adore him.

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