About Me

I called this blog "The -Ing Family" and while it IS about us, it's mostly about me.

Derek and have been married 11 years and have five kids here on earth. Henry (8), Spencer (6), Oliver (5), Ezra (3) and Miriam (not quite 2) .

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Sometimes I get churchy up in here, but a lot of that I save for my OTHER blog, found here: Practicing Perfection.

Sometimes I'm a homesteader, crunchy, granola, love the earth and all tht jazz.

I love food, and eating. But I like to try and be super healthy. But I really suck at it.

I started this blog because we lived far far away from family. And my cute kids needed to be recorded.

And now, here we are. My kids are still cute. And I discovered I really like hearing my own "voice" a frequent basis. So I write, and write and write.

And my family still reads it.

And you're reading too. THANK YOU!

Even if you never leave a comment, I appreciate you stopping by.

But, uh, please leave a comment... please?

You can always email me via morganhagey@gmail.com


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