Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Golden Birthday

I have no idea where the whole "Golden Birthday" thing comes from. I just know that most people have no idea what I'm talking about when I say that today is Spencer's Golden Birthday.

He's 3 on the 3rd. See? Like how my birthday is the 19th, so my Golden Birthday was when I turned 19. Get it?

Anyway, in Wisconsin, growing up, Golden Birthdays were like HUGE. Tons of presents, huge parties. It was weird. But it was the thing to do.

And today is Spencer's Golden Birthday.

Well, we celebrated it yesterday (I believe in moving birthdays) and I *think* he had a blast.


Spencer is way into all things Toy Story and all things Batman. So, I did a Golden Toy Story/Batman birthday. It worked.

He had a new super cape and golden crown. He LOVES to be a superhero.
From August 2010
The red crocs really complete the outfit.
From August 2010
CUTEST! See Henry's hat in the background? Like I said, Toy Story was a part of the festivities.
From August 2010
He was too busy looking at his cake to look at me and smile. So that is the compromise I got.
From August 2010
Intently studying his new Batman. He had, at this point added an extra necklace and balloons to his ensemble.
From August 2010
Intently studying his new Toy Story Toys.
From August 2010
Too busy playing to stop and smile.

At three years old Spencer:
is potty trained 100% and has been for months. This amazing because I didn't even TRY to potty train Henry until after his third birthday.
is obsessed with Super Heros and Toy Story. He always has a little action figure in his hands.
is generally very VERY easy-going. He has his tantrum moments, but those can almost always be attributed to hunger or fatigue.
wakes up between 5am and 6am every single day. He has done this since birth. I am very tired.
is such a sweet brother. He shares well and loves his brothers.
loves Jesus.
does NOT listen. I mean, like, I'll go, "Spencer, Spencer! SPENCER!" and he'll look all shocked, like, "Are you talking to me?"
can be a REAL stinker-fart-butt. (Like with the listening).
is such a good balance with his brothers.
speaks really well. We understand 99-100% of what he says.
is a sweet, sweet boy.

Spencer has always been such a blessing in our lives. He was an easy baby and has continued to be a gentle force in our family. He is still a normal little boy and can make me furious, but, he's ours. And we're grateful.

Happy GOLDEN birthday, Spencer-Man!


McEuens said...

Yay! Happy birthday, Spencer! I can't believe he's three already. My how the time flies!

Carolyn said...

Awesome party and presents! Happy Birthday to Spencer!

Braden said...

Awesome! Happy Golden Birthday. Except, it's sad for me to think that my golden birthday happened when I was 3 and it's all over and never coming back

Nathaly said...

So cute! And I'm glad to hear that he got over his dislike of Jesus. ;)

BEK said...

This year was my golden birthday too, and we had a gold & gaudy party where everyone wore gold and lots of gaudy jewlergy. It was awesome. I'm glad you are carrying on the traditions!

Alisa and Jared said...

My Golden B-day was just last year...but no cool party and cape for me! Happy b-day, Spencer!!`

Yasmine said...

What an awesome birthday! Happy Birthday spencer!

TJDKG said...

wahhhh... seriously 3? you're reminding me that Gracie's birthday is soon and she is definately no longer a baby..

happy (late) birthday Spencer!

Lindsey said...

I learned about Golden Birthdays from Anna, but before that I had never heard of it. I think it is such a fun thing to do!


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