Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spencer, who is FOUR!

I will mourn when some stinky kid tells him pink and purple are "girl" colors, and then his favorite color will change to blue.
From August 2011

He came to us at noon on August 3rd, four years ago. It was SO hot and his birth wasn't easy. But it was perfect.
We ate baked potatoes for dinner that night. We hosted a dinner party. He slept.PhotobucketPhotobucket

He has woken up between 5-6:30 every day of his life.
From August 2011

He is so funny and sweet and silly and imaginative. And so smart.
 He lives in other worlds. He is kind and fiesty.
From August 2011

He loves Jesus.
From August 2011
He has literally never eaten a food he didn't like.

His favorites are fruits (of all kinds) and doughnuts.
From August 2011

He wants to be Batman/Captain America/Cowboy when he grows up.
From August 2011

He might be slightly color-blind.
From August 2011

He is Ezra's favorite.

He is four.
From August 2011

He is very thoroughly my Spencer-man.

Goodness, I adore him. I am grateful that God sent him to our family.

Happy Birthday to my Spencer. We love you.


Chelsea said...

I absolutely adored getting to catch up with this little man this past weekend. Knowing how he was as a wee toddler and then getting to come back and objectively witness the development of his personality was phenomenal. He is already so complex, even at such a young age. He is honest-even brutally so at times. He is observant, but aloof. He has the makings of a great storyteller. He is clever. He is profoundly unique, and I don't wonder for a moment how you cherish him so.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy!!


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