Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good News!

Derek is out of town. (No, that's not really the good news!)

We were on the phone today, and he was telling me about his meetings and this and that, and then asked "How is your day going?" 

And my answer? 

"I know this is gross, and I'm sorry, but Ezra had his FIRST REAL POOP in a week and it was ONLY ONE TODAY!" 

You have no idea how happy I was to share that news. Additionally, how happy my husband was to hear it. 

When your baby is sick, normal poop is VERY exciting. 

Oh, it was a good day. 

And how cool is my husband for being equally THRILLED with me about no more sickness?

He's the best. 

1 comment:

Alisha said...

I hope you survive the by yourself time and that all goes well for Derek during this massive time of transition. Can I do anything? If you go into labor I hope you know I am coming and steeling your boys. And I'm thrilled that he is making progress and beginning to get better. Happy kids = happy moms (usually it is the other way around, but sick is just plain awful).


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