Sunday, August 3, 2008

Spencer's first BIRTHDAY

My baby is one today. WOW. He's so big, it's hard to believe!

Some facts about our Spencer-Man:

He was 9lbs when he was born and quite rolly. We loved it!

He literally never cried for the first month of his life. He was just content. He'd wake up and whine a bit until someone would get him what he needed.

He smiled starting at day 2. You are allowed to think it was gas, but when you pick up your two-day-old and say, "Hello baby!" and he grins right at you, it's hard to deny. Ask my mom, she was there. :)

Spencer adores his older brother, a lot! Henry is hilarious to Spencer, it's pretty funny.

Spencer's favorite food is watermelon.

He loves to sleep! He's always been a pretty good napper. When it's nap or bed time, I'll go to his room with him, get his blanket, turn on his white noise and turn off the light and he laughs and laughs because he's so excited.

Spencer is saying the following words: Ball, Hi, Hat, Mama, Dada. Sometimes he'll say "bath" and "Uh-oh."

Spencer is still somewhat bald... just a bit.

We love him!

So, we had his birthday party on Friday because Derek left for Las Vegas on Saturday. I had never thrown a one-year-old birthday party before. For Henry's first birthday, it was just Derek and I, so this was kind of fun for me.

We had watermelon and watermelon cake (remember, it's his favorite).

He was a fan:

Very Serious about his cake:

He did a good job:

He was very proud:

Spencer and his penguin that HE picked out:

I had a cute outfit to put on him, but then just left him in his diaper. All he did was get messy anyway...

The boys destroying their room, birthday-style:

Spencer One year ago:

Spencer, two months old:Photobucket

Spencer, five months old:

Seven months:

Spencer this morning:


Carolyn said...

Aw he's so cute! I love his smile- what a handsome guy. The cake looks yummy too, have a fun day Spencer!

Anna said...

Oh my, time really does go to fast!!! He is really cute, he resembles his brother..both very cute. Happy Birthday!!

Alice said...

Can I just say, I kinda like that kid? He had my heart as soon as he pointed to his head in order to let everyone know that he loved my hat(Actually, he got my heart the first time I met him, oh a year ago!). We are gonna be good pals Spencer and I! I cannot wait to see you in Vegas. I am so glad you will be inches on the map closer. I also am glad that it looks like the trip to Vegas on Labor Day just might work out. YIPEE!!!!

BloggingBills said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Spencer. One whole year old-What a terrific milestone for you. Here's to an even better year number two! Thanks for all the great pics Boo.
Love to all,

Emily said...

How fun! It looks like you did a great job. :)

It occurred to me that of anyone I know, you might have had a natural birth with your kids (depending what you're into with the doula-ing and all). Anyway, if that's true, I'd love to talk to/email you sometime, if that's okay. My plan now is to be in a birthing center, or either way not having an epidural, so I'm looking for support and tips on this one. Hehe.

BloggingBills said...

That boy loves his food! Why do adults think the cutest pictures are the ones with food everywhere (admit it, we love them the most!)

He's a cutie and a keeper!
Can't wait to see you all!



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