Monday, August 3, 2009

Spencer-man's Birthday!!

Things are nuts. I blinked and this

From The Hagey Crazies!

turned into this:

From Spencer's 2nd birthday

My baby Spencer is a big two-year old now. He is so handsome, slightly less bald than he was back then, and such a hoot.

(Don't mind his shirtlessness, we had been at the park playing in the water.)

His favorite word these days is "Nope." He heard me say it one day and it stuck. :)

Spencer's favorite food, sadly is "shy-shys" which is to say french fries.

Spencer's favorite toy is Woody, which he opened for his birthday.

From Spencer's 2nd birthday

(Henry totally smudged my camera's lense...)

Spencer is just a dear, sweet little man. He's helpful and kind and usually gets along with his brothers. He's a good eater and a good sleeper. He talks SO MUCH and literally sings all the day long. What a blessing he is in our family.

During my pregnancy with him, I said over and over, "If this baby is a girl, we're naming her Joy." And while he was NOT a girl, I knew then, that he was and continues to be the epitome of joy. He is just the dearest little two-year-old who firmly believes that everything is "MINE!"

And tonight when I was putting on his PJs, I asked him if he wants to use the potty and he said, "Uh-HUH!" So we'll just see. :)


Alice said...

I love that kid. Have I mentioned this before? He is growing up much too fast, but it is fun to see him do so. He has even changed since I saw him in June! Crazy how the time flies. Enjoy the moments while they are tiny for they won't alway be!

Jeannie said...

He's so cute even with smudges! My lens is constantly smudged by Miss Kyla. Hope you are liking your new place even though it is a known fact that your new ward will not have as many cool people as your old one. :)

BloggingBills said...

Was that Uh Huh yes or Nuh Uh no?
Boys do what they do when they are ready. He's a keeper for sure that Spencer is! Can't wait to see you all!



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