Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! We tricked and treated until babies were crying. It was cold. Only two kids went missing, but never fear, we found them. We are blessed to live in a town that I know if I lose kids, I know I'll find them at the library. It's the best. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer 2016 in one post



I miss you blogging world. Are you even still a thing?

I have been so dang caught up with working from home that everything has sort of evaporated into the netherworld.

But. It's quiet right now. (Well, quiet is relative, I mean, there are six children here still) So I thought I'd catch up.

We have a had a low-key summer. No big trips, no huge outtings, nothing like that at all. Just a few perfect beach days. A few park trips. A lake trip, some birthdays, some work-at-home days when the kids ask, "Are you going ANYWHERE today?", lots of karate classes, and just summer.

Somehow, summer is perfect. I'm lamenting let it go as we head into school on Tuesday. It's still warm out, but the light is shifting. It's autumn light. I love fall, but oh winter. I'm pretending you aren't a thing.

I haven't much to say about summer. I have lots to say about summer. It was magic. It was mundane. It was busy, it was lazy. I think my kids will be the ones without much to report come the first day of school. Yet it was agood time. It was all I could hope for.

I'm going to miss my babies when they traipse off to school. I'm pretending that's not happening too.

Oh summer.  I am going to MISS you.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lularoe: My newest Venture

I've started a new venture. I've opened my own Lularoe business back in January. It is taking up a ton of my time, and Derek's to be honest. But we are having a ton of fun. It's busy, and tiring, and nerve-wracking, and ALL THE THINGS, but we're making it. I'm determined to make it happen, big time.

It's exciting for 2016. It's going to be an epic year.

I'm selling mostly online these days, but would love to crack into the local market! I'm working hard, Derek is working hard, and I'm certain my house has never been messier. But I love it. It's fun, good work! I'm learning to do things I was afraid to do before. Like stand in FRONT of the camera, or care about my appearance in any way shape or form.

Yes, this whole silly thing is helping me conquer fears. It's a good thing. A busy thing, but a good one!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Freddy turns One!

Frederick George is ONE! I can hardly believe it. He has grown so much and so fast. He is the CRAZIEST baby, into everything, eating everything he shouldn't, not sleeping enough, nursing fanatic. I adore him. Oh so very very much.

Poor boy, his birthday was shortchanged due to rehearsals for our stake Easter Musical, but we did manage a cake and some presents and a rendition of "Happy Birthday" that made him cry.

We love him so. Happy Birthday Freddy!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had a lovely, quiet Christmas. We did just a few presents, preferring this year instead to "gift" the kids with a mini-vacation, which we'll take over New Years. We had our good friends, the Semeraus over for dinner, and ate tamales and empanadas until we were full to bursting. Then we ate cheesecake. Gluttons, I tell you. But oh my, it was so good. Derek and I cooked all day, and it was worth it. However, there is a reason we only do it once a year. 

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your day was wonderful! 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Ezra!

This cute tough boy turned five today. His golden birthday! Five on the fifth. Oh Ezra, we love you so.
For his birthday we tried to go bowling, but they had "league" night, so we played at the arcade instead, and Oliver won the jackpot in tickets and we ended up with over 1000 tickets. We had a blast.

At five years old, Ezra:
weighs only 39 pounds. I feed him I swear!
loves super heros and costumes.
is becoming a picky eater.
so loving and sweet, a good big brother.
can have quite the temper.
is just a joy.

Happy Golden Birthday Ezra!


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