Friday, April 29, 2011

Writing your own Manifesto (And Day Five!)

If you're all, "Huh?" then here's some links for ya:

Premanifesto Morgan
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four

All caught up? All right, let's GO!

So, if you decide to dip your pen in the manifesto ink, don't stress!

Here's what I did:

1. Make a list of all the things you like to do, things you like about yourself, things you wish you were better about. This list might be long or short. Do not berate yourself in any way shape or form. No, "I suck at..." NO! Be positive! The whole point is to build yourself up.

2. Categorize your list. As you've seen over the last four days, I have "Daughter of God" wherein all gospel-y things fall, "Creator" wherein all things "crafty" and "make it myself" falls. I include writing in this, "Student" where all things academic and scholastic fall, and "Musician" in which I wish to be better with my talents. There are three more, but you'll just have to wait! But you get the idea right?

I suppose your manifesto *could* be just a long list from step one, but I decided to simplify it. For me, deciding to look at small statements with large meaning is much less overwhelming. I can handle seven little things that "define" me far better than a list of 100 things.

 There are things I'm choosing to let go of at the moment (being a doula...) it's not a death sentence to those aspects of my life, rather a prioritizing of my life right now. I can't be a good mom to four littles AND be a doula right this minute. Someday, yes. Today, no. Because I have chosen motherhood, I am choosing to not do everything I'd like to do right now. The things that made the cut are things I can do AS I mother (my list is completely inclusive of mothering small children. When that phase passes, I'll rewrite my manifesto).

3. Write it up. I don't care how. I decided to spread mine over days, but that's just because I thought hitting the interwebz with a giant manifesto in one day was a bit much. It was a bit much for me too. The main thing is it should be an, "I am ____ therefore I will ____" statement. That way you're staying positive and making it attainable. I considered adding photos, which I still think would have made it better, but my CAMERA IS MISSING!

4. Share it. Put it on your blog, put it on your Facebook status or your Twitter... um, thread? (No idea what that's called). Put it on your on line forum, type it up and put it on your fridge. Share it with your sisters, your mom, your spouse. Share it at book club. I don't care. But put it out there. It's a bit scary, to share something so personal, but the thing is, I think if you do, you'll feel more accountable for it. I told everyone I was a musician. So, um, I better get on that! Ya know?

5. Live it. Don't put all this effort in and then forget about it. Make it a part of your life. The whole point is to remember your goals, where you're going and why you do what you do. If you forget it, then what is the point?

So there ya go, my super easy (HA!) steps to creating your own manifesto.

Manifesto Day Five:

I am a friend. I love dearly the people in my life. I love good conversations and relating with other women. If I get to count you as my friend, I'm blessed. I continue to make efforts in my friendships, be that communication, service or just prayers on their behalf.


Julia said...

What a wonderful idea! Love what you are doing with this. Positive intentions always go far! Happy Weekend!

Lori said...

I'm missing you old friend. =(

Radel said...

I love that you filled my request!! :) You made my day. In fact it made me so happy I blogged about you. Hope you don't mind. Check it out over at www.dailymomhappiness.blogspot
Thanks a bunch!

ivey patton said...

LOVE your fast food prayer. i still have goose bumps. thank you. for real.

Morgan -Ing said...

Julia- Thanks!
Lori- I can't tell you how sad I am that you were sick when we were there! Heartbreak!

Radel- Thanks! I totally will.

Ivey- Thank you so much!

tinsenpup said...

This is a really interesting project. I'm not sure I could define myself like this yet. Maybe in a few more years when I've worked myself out a bit better.

Em @ Inspired Coincidences said...

I've been wanting to write something up like this f-o-r-e-v-e-r (read that like you just watched "The Sandlot" a ton of times). I love your step by step approach, it makes the whole process less daunting!

stopping by from MMB!

Giggles said...

This is something I shall have to sit down and work on. Thanks for the ideas!

brudcrew said...

What a wonderful idea. Somedays we all feel lost and without identity in motherhood. I feel like sombody's mommy, somebody's wife, etc. Who am I by myself? I plan to ponder this a bit between laundry loads. :)

Sadie from said...

Way to inspire Mama!!!

Jackie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm here following now!

I'm going to go work on my manifesto now!

Katie said...

this is great....I will start thinking about what mine would be this week. and please find that camera!

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks everyone! I hope you're hard at work writing your own. It's SO very refreshing, to sort of sluff off the extra crap and really get to what matters.

ginger said...

Hello Morgan, I think we would be friends indeed. My blog doesn't say it, but I was a doula in a previous life too (the life where I wasn't outnumbered by boys!). I haven't had a chance to read through your recent posts, but can't wait to. Here is another mormon mama manifesto I read this week

Morgan -Ing said...

Ginger, thanks so much for the link!


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