Monday, April 25, 2011

Manifesto Day One

 I'm at MMB today. Check it out. I won't lie. It's a good one.


I have had the blessing of being at the laundromat twice in one week! Today? It was because Ezra went #1 on my bed, and we all know king sized comforters do not fit in the washing machine at home.

So special.

More than anything it makes me extremely grateful for my washer and dryer at home.

Beautiful thing, it is, to have laundry at arms' length.

I was watching the little owner/attendant running around helping people, putting in loads of laundry and thought to myself, "Gosh, imagine doing laundry for a living..."

Then I realized... wait. That is EXACTLY what I do.



Manifesto Day One: 
I am a woman and a daughter of our Heavenly Father. Not only do I need to keep this in mind, I need to be better about connecting with my Father. Prayer is vital.


Stay tuned for more. I KNOW, it is SO exciting.


Deila said...

I love your writing, it flows so easily and your words have great meaning...even if it is to acknowledge our jobs as laundresses, among others. But, yes prayer.

Jen said...

ha ha--I do do laundry for a living!! The endless cycle of laundry! Such a love-hate relationship--love having clothes to wear, but hate doing all the work!

Master P said...

Your MMB post left me in tears. You rock.

Also, I don't do laundry for a living. I get paid rather well, considering how long I manage to go between laundry days...

Morgan -Ing said...

Delia- thank you so much!

Jen- Yes! Although when I'm faced with mountains I do believe we have too many...

Master P- HAHAH! I wish that was me! I have nowhere to let it pile up! My house is too tiny.

Tonya said...

I absolutely love your laundry comments - I wonder what the bottom of a clothes hamper looks like.

brudcrew said...

You inspired this:


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