Thursday, April 21, 2011

PreManifesto Morgan

I am writing a manifesto.

It's a "Me Manifesto."

I'm not trying to be self-centered, honest I'm not.

It's just that I am sort of floundering in diapers and snot-nosed little kids.

And while I honestly wouldn't have it any other way, this is the first time in ten years that I don't have some sort of other "job" (minus a short stint of no doula clients here and there) and have no plans for any sort of work.

So here I am.

Just me.


It's odd and slightly disconcerting, being just me.

Besides, who the holy heck is that anyway?


And what is it that I'm doing here, exactly, day in and day out?

By absolute truth, I'm raising children.

And I'm not entirely sure if that's it. And if that's it, is that all right?

So, the manifesto is a'comin. What do I want? Where am I going?

These are the things to which my ponderings are being directed.

I'll get back to you on all this, manifesto ablazin'.


ivey patton said...

i have so been there! i think it goes with hand in hand with the mothering of small children. i didn't so much figure it out as grow out of it. if you come up with the answers please email me right away!

Stacy said...

You know, I think I have to re-invent myself about twice a year. Sometimes I look at outside jobs/careers/achievements and all the accolades that they bring, and then look at what I'm doing and wish I had some of those awards, bonuses, pats on the backs, etc. There's just not a lot of recognition that comes from changing a lot of dirty diapers and cleaning up vomit. And hey, if there was, I'd be famous!

Katy B. said...

I'm excited to see what your manifesto is.....because your life sounds exactly like mine right now! :) and there are moments I look in the mirror and think "what is happening to me?". I'm not complaining, but like you, I don't want to feel lost in diapers and dirty dishes and doggy doodoo anymore. :)

FuNkY MoMmY said...

Thanks for stopping by. We rented the suit for a promotion at our school. It was so nice to not have to wait in line at the MALL this year. Happy Easter!

The Wolford Family said...

Even though it's daunting at times, just know that this too will pass. I've come to the conclusion in my life, that there's time eventually for everything I want. It may be frustrating and even soul stirring at times, but know you're doing the most important thing right now, and there will be time for other things later. In the mean time, I think Ez is poopy!!!!

Wendy said...

I'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kanesha said...

Go you and you get an "S" on your chest for putting it out there.

BloggingBills said...

Many years ago I wrote mine and put it in my planner. It was in the form of a bookmark that I moved to the month in my calendar. It helped keep me focused and doing what mattered most when I was pulled in directions that seemed to matter more, but in the long run did not.
As for Sarah's comment, I KNOW EZ is poopy!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea...something I should do too. I'll look forward to it! Thanks for visiting me!

mb said...

i'm enjoying your manifesto posts. :) very inspiring!

Tonya said...

I LOVE this idea! I may have to join you ;) And I have yet to get a hang of the four kids thing...and my oldest is 14!


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