Thursday, April 28, 2011

Manifesto Day Four

Firstly, I promise eventually I will wrap up the manifesto thingy. (Three more days, just three more days!)

Secondly, I have heard from a few different people that they kind of like the whole idea of a manifesto! (ME TOO!) So perhaps you ought to write your own. I know it SOUNDS easy, but narrowing down and deciding exactly how I want to define myself was actually harder than I thought it would be. So, write one. Go for it. If you do and you blog it (or facebook it, or whatev) will you let me know? Send me the link! I want to see! I won't think you're a copy cat AT ALL! We all need to know where we're going and WHY!

Don'tcha think?

I have enough followers and subscribers that if you do and then tell your followers and subscribers that darn it all, we could start a manifesto revolution. MANIFESTO MAYHEM we'd call it. It'd be AWESOME!

Thirdly, I mowed my lawn today with Ezra in the Moby Wrap. It's dry today, tomorrow, not so much and it HAD TO BE DONE. The back still isn't done, but at least I'm embarrassing our neighbors less. He didn't love it, but he didn't cry. Sadly, we lost a binky. It was green, the grass is green, you see how it happened?

Fourthly, um, I forgot where I was going with my "fourthly."

Fifthly, my camera is still MIA, and since I have no idea when it will return, I'm going tell you about Easter. It was fine. Henry pouted all day about the gifts the Easter Bunny left for him, because Spencer's were "better." Except, the Easter Bunny knows Henry better than he knows himself. The Easter Bunny KNEW that he'd hate everything he was given on the first day and wish that he had the same things as Spencer. But the Easter Bunny also knew that within 36 hours, Henry will have fallen in love with his own gifts and get over Spencer's, for a much happier existence in the long run.

And darn it all, that Easter Bunny is fletching wise because that is exactly how it worked out.

Oliver and Ezra don't care, so whatever. Oliver is always happy with whatever he gets and Ezra got $3.00 links and is in Heaven. Babies are easy.

Then I gave/threw away all the Easter candy because that D-A-M-N bunny brought good stuff and I was eating it all, and I can't be doing that, no I can not. And the kids never even missed it!

Sidenote: Spencer impressed the heck out of his Sunday school teachers when he pulled out the word "sepulchre"  in reference to Jesus' resurrection. I was so proud.

And finally, what you've all been waiting for:

Manifesto Day Four: 

I am a musician. I KNOW! Hard to believe, but I sing, play the piano and can even squeak by on the violin. I have moved so far away from these roots it's scary, but I am going to reincorporate making music in my home. Henry is starting piano in the fall, but I need to get back to making it myself. I will be the musician I used to be.


Radel said...

Love that your Easter Bunny is soooo smart. ;) I like reading what you write. It feels like a friend. (Does that make nay sense.) Hope you don't think I'm weird. I think I would like to write my own manifesto and join in the mayhem, but I seriously wouldn't know where to start. :) Any ideas? How did you start?

BloggingBills said...

Okay lover! Here's the deal. You didn't throw away the Easter candy. YOU LEFT IT AT MY HOUSE!
Bad Boo Boo. So, after I ate all the chocolate, I put the rest in baggies and am sending it to school with your brother.

Second idea: if you are determined to always be in the middle of learning, make a list of all the things you want to learn about, then make sure you always have at least 1 non-fiction book on one of the subjects you listed. (List can be modified, I alphabetized mine and worked through it over and over.....) BUt I almost always have a non-fiction book I am reading along with whatever fiction series I am currently hooked on.
It works. I am the resident expert on all things, everywhere, everywhen. Except for Erin. Who is really the resident expert.

Morgan -Ing said...

Radel- Oh thanks! I think that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my writing. Stay tuned, tomorrow, a "how to" of sorts about writing a manifesto. Stick around!

Ma- I should have been more clear, I did mean a Non-fiction book. I'm hoping to hit the library tomorrow. :)


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