Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Manifesto Day Three

My children were hell-bent on destroying themselves and the house today! By 8am, Ezra had lost bodily fluids out of every orifice that he could IN MY BED. Bath time for Mr. Ezra.

Then Oliver found a bottle of black paint.

Paint on Oliver, paint on the floor, paint on my feet.

Then Spencer (via help from Oliver) got himself covered in dirt, I MEAN COVERED! Shower time for Spencer.

Dirt all over my house too.

Which turned into MUD in the bathroom. SILLY!

See? Silly boys.

And I never did tell you about Easter. And I'm not going to yet because I can not FIND MY CAMERA! Silly.

Manifesto Day Three 

I am a student. I love learning. I never ever want to quit learning. I will continue learning even though most of my days involve nothing but mommy-hood. I will have at least one book in process at all times.



Stacy said...

And I spent all day complaining to you about my day! Hope you're finding some quiet tonight. And I can't find my camera charger, but I only took like 3 pictures anyway. But the kids were cute, so that's something.

Loving the manifesto by the way.

Morgan -Ing said...

I don't mind you complaining! You had quite a day!

Anonymous said...

Learning is my favorite thing!!


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