Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Week of Birthdays

So, I suck at blogging these days.

 But now we have a Derek who had a birthday and Henry had his FIRST every friend party. Henry has lived in 9 different houses in his 8 years. He's never had the chance to have a friend party. Last year we tried, but yeah a blizzard killed it. So, this year, we went hog wild and had a 39 Clues Birthday party that included clue-hunting school, laser beam evasion, code breaking, clue-hunting and ice cream cake. Oh and presents. Yes. My picture taking was hindered by controlling the chaos wrought by 21 little kids.

FUN though. VERY fun. Here are the clue-hunters decoding:

I was SHOCKED at how excited they were about everything. My boys had a blast.

And Derek graciously gave up his birthday for the party so we celebrated the next day. 35 is nothing to sniff at. I am sucking SO BAD at taking pictures lately, but here he is blowing out his candles on his pecan pie.

Now we are roaring toward the holidays, with an Ezra birthday tucked right in. It's a happy time here on the hill. Life is sweet.

For a nice throwback, here is Derek and Henry on his birthday 8 years ago, with a week old baby Henry:
Daddy's Birthday 11-16-05 photo PICT0688.jpg cute.

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