Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Wrap Up 2013

Hello! Happy Christmas! And belated Happy Thanksgiving. :)

I'm so insanely busy that days literally go by without my evening touching a computer other than to record the boys' schooling. It's silly. All this technology, and I can't manage a blog post or two.

Anyway, Thanksgiving was a lovey affair. Maren, my college roommate and continual friend (despite my insistence at being a wackadoo) brought her crew of boys (five if you count her husband). The boys vary in age from mere days apart from my own, to a matter of months apart, so everyone has a double, and it causes allllll kinds of wonderful noise, adventure, occasion bonks on the head, and general good times. The boys always play well together, and they ran and played like brothers the whole time.

Oliver (my Oliver, Maren has one too) tended to flow between Beyblades with the kids and helping in the kitchen. He LOVES to help, which mostly means he stands on the stool and asks various questions about what's happening. If I let him stir something all the better.

The husbands were stalwart in their dish-doing and football watching for which we women-folk were grateful because we created a freak-ton of dishes.

It was, in short, a blast. We had some near and actual disasters. Near: the plug in oven roaster is fantastic, but do not use a turkey bag. If the bag touches any part of the roaster it will melt the bag. Luckily, I forgot the thermometer in the bird, and discovered only seconds after putting the turkey in that we had a real problem on our hands.

Crisis overted.

Then I forgot to salt the rolls.

Let me tell you, salt is VITAL to roll-deliciousness.

The kids were starved before dinner was actually ready, so we fed them all 30 of the unsalted rolls with salted butter and they didn't mind a bit.

The second round was salted, but still. Goodness.

Then I plunked the apple pie right out of the tin and onto the table. AWESOME.

I am a cooking/baking/kitchen genius!!!

Anyway, it was a lovely Thanksgiving. Truly, so grateful for all my blessings.


Nicole said...

Hey Morgan - Happy Thanksgiving from PA! So I had just had to comment on this one - Is that a Home Depot bucket in your sink?? And I think we own the same exact microwave...

Morgan Hagey said...

Yes, the giant bucket was used for brining the turkey!!! :)


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