Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Letterboxing Adventures

We've taken up a new hobby: Letterboxing! 

Huh? What's that now?

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Seriously, it's pretty fun, kinda like geo-caching but a bit more low-key. The boys are learning to follow directions, explore, decipher clues, while we exercise, spend time outside, being together.

AWESOME. Our first time out, led us to an old graveyard near our home. It was near Halloween and everyone thought it was pretty cool.

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Alice introduced us to Letterboxing when we lived in Vegas, but we just had little folks, and then I completely forgot about it. I was reminded of it's fun and adventure by a homeschool mom a while back, and suddenly knew that was to be our grand adventure of the day. (Some days you wake up and need an adventure.)

The most recent experience was challenging, but we came out triumphant. The boys loved it. We also brought home ELEVEN deer tickets on various people, in various places, in various stages of feeding.

So, we haven't gone back out in a week, because we're all scarred for life from the ticks. I also sprained my ankle by falling spectacularly into a hole in our yard (my kids... they dig), so we've only  been out three times, but we do intend to get right back out there soon.

Until it gets entirely too cold, then we'll have to retire for the winter.

But seriously, consider it!

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