Friday, June 28, 2013

To my Derek on Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

I'm feeling ridiculously mushy this morning. So please excuse me. 

Post best enjoyed listening to this song, which reminds me of Derek so much it's like it's ABOUT Derek. 

Dear Derek,

 photo engagementpic7.jpg

Thank you for the last ten years. Thanks for never waivering. Thank you for working so hard.

When we got married we were kids, no question. We thought we knew what life would be, even what we hoped it would be. And those dreams have come true, Love. But oh my, we have so much more than I ever thought possible.
 photo engagementpic6.jpg

We've grown a lot in the last decade. We've morphed, we've matured, we've gotten so much better, you and I.
Tiny sleepy boy, 1 week old photo PICT0667.jpg

Look at our life, my dear. We could never have assumed we'd have so much. We are richly blessed.
 photo PICT0068.jpg
And I am richly blessed because you are my truest friend. I am safe with you, you are my home.

My dreams come true over and over again because of you.

Thanks for being you, thanks for never doubting me or us. Thanks for being everything I knew you were and so much more.

You are my heart, my love, my life. You are my favorite. Still. Always.


Kent said...

Happy anniversary! May the next decade be filled with even more love and wonder!

Erin said...

Happy anniversary,Hagey's! I'm so glad you found your penguin. :-) Also, I think it is funny that Gone, Gone, Gone reminds you of Derek; the first time I heard it I thought "This is about ISAAC!" Hahahaha. I guess we just have good taste. In music and men. :-)

Alisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

david hagey said...

Happy anniversary to two wonderful people who complete each other. Love you.

david hagey said...

Happy anniversary to two wonderful people who complete each other. Love you.

Master P said...

Happy anniversary!! You two are so blasted lucky which would be really annoying if you didn't realize you we're so blasted lucky. But you do, so it's awesome :)


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