Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nine Years

On this, our 9th anniversary of our wedding day, I give you:

Derek is cute, a list. 


ohhs and ahhs over baby clothes just to be nice to me.
can't lie. He tries, and fails.
is a great daddy, who loves his boys.
wants to spend all his time with me and the kids.
will get me french fries whenever I want them.
is a bit of a germaphobe. It's cute. Weird, I know.
finds great bliss in discussing strange marital topics with me. (It's his job!)
is perfectly happy to listen to me discuss strange birth/baby/mothering topics.
does the dishes after dinner.
helps me whenever I ask.
brings me ice cream frequently.
takes my boys on dates.
doesn't mind when I spend money on silly things like fabric. doesn't even bat an eye when I say, "I gotta go to the fabric store."
works super hard for our family (hello, FOUR JOBS!) .
is no longer a student (see above) *he's been a student the entire decade I've known him!*
is smart.
fixes stuff, a lot of stuff! He's pretty good at it.
accepts "Honey-do" lists without complaint.
doesn't like to be hot.
walks the dog when I'm too tired.
changes poopy bums.
some mornings,w hen he doesn't have to work,  drags himself out of bed before me, just so I can sleep,
carries babies.
listens to me.
plays a mean game of Scabble, Words with Friends, etc.
is good at sports, but doesn't make me watch them on TV 24/7.
talks about sports though, and I pretend to understand.
brings me Diet Coke more often than I need, but as much as I want.
buys books, then says, "I bought a book!"
likes to watch Hulu with me after the kids are in bed.
isn't a remote hog. We argue over who has to hold it!
opens my water bottles for me. (MY HANDS DON'T WORK!)
doesn't get frustrated when he has to dig through piles of clean laundry to find his socks.

He's a keeper, that man of mine.

Happy Anniversary, Love!


Lara said...

Happy Anniversary! And special congrats on finishing the dissertation. Man, do I ever remember how that felt!

Yasmine said...

That's quite a list. He ALMOST seems ok that guy......almost!

JK-- love ya Derek. Congrats for catching such a good gal!


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