Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Success (aka Photo BOMB!)

If you're exhausted, sun-kissed, and dirty at the end of a summer day, well, then, you can feel very accomplished.

We headed to our dear friends' house today for some serious summer fun today. My boys ate their weight in lunch, popcicles and ice cream sandwiches and had a ball.

We love these peeps so dearly that Oliver firmly believes they are his cousins. He refers to them as such. And none of us have any desire to correct him. Because it's cute. And we love them.

Except... Stacy and I have some hopes for some marriages, and well, that won't work if we are related. So eventually, we'll break the news.

What is better than a hose and a sandbox? Dude. That is basically the BEACH. Seriously.

(Kids digging in the sand!)

 (Spencer with the hose.)

(Spencer's victim: Henry's bum).

(Oliver was covered, utterly with sand by the end. Do you like his sandy unibrow?)

(Spencer absolutely can not stand the hose hitting him, but dunking himself on HIS terms is totally acceptable.)

(Henry will never forgive me for that picture. PLUMBER BUTT!)


(I swear I feed this child. I swear!!! He was sucking in his breath when the hose water hit him. Yes, he is skinny. BUT I FEED HIM!)

Oh so much fun.
So much sand. SO MUCH SAND. Dirty babies. Stacy, you have my apologies. I didn't even peek at the bathtub after we were finished with it.

Yes. Today will go down in the books as a successful summer day.

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Roughly half of the sandbox is in the bottom of the bathtub. It's all good. Like you said, if success is measured in dirty kids, then we were awesome today.

I will now proceed to post most of those pictures on my own blog. I tried to get here first. Stupid blogger.


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