Thursday, June 16, 2011

"The Time Has Come" the Walrus said...

From June 2011
How can it be time already?

For years, years and years, we've discussed it in the nebulous "someday" terms. We've said, "When the time comes, we'll do it."

And now, here we are.

My first inclination is to dig my heels and refuse. Really. That's what I feel like doing.

And as I try to dig in, to ignore what is right in front of us, I feel myself being carried along, no dragging allowed. Placed here. It wouldn't be overly-dramatic to declare God, Himself, seems to have designed it thus.

Right at the edge. Unknown.

Here I stand, staring at the vast space in front of me. Scared.

I look down to see my hand is not empty. Instead, in it resides the hand of the man I promised to love for always.

He looks even more nervous than I do.

He has even more to lose than I do.

"It's time," I say, trying to sound brave. I bounce on the balls of my feet, ready to just get it over with already.

"It is," he agrees, then falters. "It's happening too fast."

"No," I counter. "All is as it should be."

He grips my hand tighter. We're in this together. Always together. We bend our knees, to prepare for the free-fall. "1,2,3!" We push off.

It's time to leap.


Alice said...

??????????? I am so curious. Like George.

Amber said...

Curious is an understatement. I normally read via Google Reader but I actually clicked over here to see if there was an image that wasn't coming through.

You are just going to make us wait, huh?

Stacy said...

Beautiful writing, friend.

BEK said...

awesome post.

You know a really smart woman who I admire recently told me this via a comment on my blog:

Whatever it is, you can do it. You're amazing! You never cease to amaze me with what you can do. :)

And now I have the chance to say the same thing back to you... you are amazing, and you have a wonderful partner. Whatever it is might be scary, but usually the scary things are worth it. Yes, I'm biting my nails to hear what it is, but I have faith that things will turn out. Especially because I know you're not just putting your faith in your partner to leap, but also in God.

Alisha said...

So what is the new plan?

Morgan -Ing said...

Don't worry friends. All will be revealed!


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