Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where the Leap Takes Us

And here we are.

As of today, we are officially owners of our very own LLC. And this very cute desk that we're redoing to be housed in our very own LLC.
From June 2011

Let me tell you, starting a business is an interesting endeavor; from driving all over Hell and half of Georgia for random errands I didn't know I needed to, to meeting random people and plunking down sums of money for all sorts of things, to applying for things I didn't know I had to apply for!

And being named Business Manager, well, let me tell you, in my one week of employment, I can assure you, it's not a cake-walk.

Plenty of Doubting Thomases have emerged much to our surprise. I didn't know friends had such opinions on the matter, but they do. To them, I have been forced to smile through gritted teeth.

But most of our friends and family have been supportive and happy for us. Their love has been a strength to of us.

We're ready. We're terrified. Let me tell you, after years and years of nomadic moving for school and work, it feels eerie to take our fates and our future into our own hands. It's sort of almost against nature to buck the system and say, "We'll pass on full-time employment, benefits and a 401k... we'd rather do this ourselves." Yes, strange and a little wrong.

And so very right at the same time. As I mentioned, we've always known this day would come. We've dreamed up our office more times than we can count, and so now we leap. Goodness, it's scary to imagine our own lives in front of us now. We don't know quite how things are going to go. How could we?

Perhaps we'll be destitute and jobless soon, or it'll all work out nicely. In the meantime, we're blessed to have plenty of part-time employ (by way of three jobs!!!) to keep the bills paid.

Oh so very blessed indeed.

And so, we shall see the places we go.

Oh, the places we'll go.


Radel said...

Awesome!!! Good for you for taking a chance and a stand against the system. :) How scary and exciting at the same time. It is a goal our family has too. I wish you all the best in your new LLC!!

Deila said...

Hey, great. This is good news. And it is a learning process. We have our own LLC, formed it ourselves, bought the Quickbooks to do the accounting --and that has been a lifesaver. But I do see why everyone does not do this -- I am still learning, even have our health insurance now, with just 2 employees. Best of luck, it is great to be your own boss.

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks Radel and Delia! We're very excited.

Amber C said...

Amazing! If any couple can do it, you two can! If you need help, I'm here for you!
Oh, and if you feel a need to move your office to say...NC, please feel free! We have lots of dysfunct. families here! :)
Love you both, and good luck in your new LLC!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Challenges and benefits (both of them many I'm sure). What are you going to be doing?
-Emily V (since it's being weird about signing me in)

Morgan -Ing said...

Em- It's a therapy practice. :)

Thanks Amber, we'll keep that in mind.

BEK said...

Awesome! It will be great!

kate said...

What is your LLC? I'm so curious! (I have one too, btw, it's a private therapy practice for kids with autism).

Alisa said...

congrats! You will never work harder for anyone than for yourselves. But it is rewarding (if not financially, a least personally)!


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