Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nap Time Fun

You know, we are surviving our summer of unplugged-ness. Now honestly there are some days when movies become necessary, but overall? We're all getting along just fine. Every single day Henry asks, "Can we watch a movie?" and when I say, "NOPE!" he usually goes off on his merry way. Spencer doesn't care at all, and Oliver, who sleeps through movie-time has literally never watched a movie in his life, so really, he's good.

And today? Today instead of movies we rolled around on my bed, while Ezra DIDN'T NAP. That kid is killing me, by the way.

Then we took our picnic blanket out of doors in the most beautiful day ever created. Ezra didn't have clothes on because he cries a lot when I put clothes over his head for some reason. He was happy and in the shade, so I left him be. Sheesh.

Then we read book after book after book. That was really fun.

And then Oliver woke up, and we worked in the garden.

My oven doesn't work. I don't know, but the stove top works, but the oven doesn't heat. Apparently, it needs an ignitor or something... we had sandwiches for dinner.

All in all, a summer day for the books.
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Tonya said...

Sounds pretty great to me! Love babies in just a diaper - they are so soft and squishy!

Who needs an oven in the summer?

Morgan -Ing said...

It was great, and yes, we have a grill, so we're good!

Alice said...

I may miss these boys just a little bit! Just sayin'!


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