Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday!!

Today, if you ask my sweet baby Oliver, "Are you TWO?" He will answer, "No. FIVE!" and show you his whole hand, all five fingers. Then he will laugh and laugh.
From april 2011

Its. Hysterical.

Today is his birthday, and he is indeed TWO!

What a joy his two years have been. We started out rough but goodness we've gotten on pretty well since then. He's definitely opinionated and smart but I love hearing his take on the world. He'll latch on to a word or phrase and repeat it over and over in his adorable toddler voice.

Most recently? "No want it!" when he's offended by whatever food I'm offering him.

He also informs people that they have to SHARE and don't worry he'll give it back (whatever "it" may be, chocolate, a toy, whatever). "Share! BACK!"

He is a bundle of energy and shaggy hair. I can't help myself with his hair. If I let it grow a bit long then it curls ever so slightly. He's too sweet to NOT have that bit of curl.
From april 2011

Oliver is fiesty. He can a throw a toddler tantrum like it's on his resume.

Oliver loves music. He sings on key, and plays rhythm on the piano with adeptness that is actually a bit surprising for a toddler. Here is is being mesmerized by the MoTab during conference.
From april 2011

Oliver is a wee bit spoiled by grandparents and family members who can't resist his charm. Oliver loves his brothers and loves to "ride" on the poor tolerant dog.
From april 2011

Oliver adores sweets and would rather eat a donut than almost any other food.
From april 2011

Oliver is a good sleeper and love his binkies. I am already stressing about taking them away. I am SO determined to get him off the binkies BEFORE I potty train him.
From april 2011

His warm red cheeks after he wakes... oh so delicious.
From april 2011

His sweet little loves... I want to keep him this way forever. And yet, life goes on, it's fleeting. Soon, I'll be writing his 8th birthday post.
From april 2011

Oh my boy. How I love you!


Katie said...

happy birthday to your little man! and congrats on your littlest sleeping through the night! that is wonderful (and I'm a bit jealous) I hope, hope, hope it doesn't mean he's getting sick!

Kim said...

Wow! That really can't be, I'm sorry I think you have the dates wrong. Oliver CAN'T be 2, how did that happen. Happy Birth Day to that sweet little boy! See you all soon.

McEuens said...

Happy birthday, Oliver!

Morgan -Ing said...

Katie- THANKS! And it so has not stuck. :)

Kim- I know, it's unreal.

Maren- THANKS HON! Call me wouldja? :)

embracingitall said...

Happy birthday to Oliver. He looks so sweet. They are small for such a short time. I fear my son, Jairah who is 2, will be 8 before I know it too! Jacinta

Gamble Gang said...

wow - Morgan- I can't believe he is two already! Happy Birthday!


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