Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am a grown-up

So, Derek and I have been looking into life insurance lately.

Nothing says, "I love you" like breaking down one's spouse's life in monetary definitions.

It's actually been pretty hard to face the reality of NEEDING to be protected. I mean, imagine if suddenly one of us found ourselves widowed with all these kids?


So, we're sucking it up and we're being grown-ups.

Thing is, I feel like taking this step is like saying I'm EXPECTING Derek to die. I so am NOT!

This is NOT Field of Dreams, there is no "if you buy it, you will die."



I mean, it's just being prepared, self-reliant and smart adults right???


Anna said...

Mike and I have life insurance, its part of the benefits package through his work. I just keep imagining all the money I get when he kicks the bucket. ha, I'm joking, but it is obviously a good thing to have and we've had the plan for 4 years and he's still going strong. =)

Casey said...

I hate those commercials, they give me the feeling that it's 'all too easy' and if something happens- sorry you are not covered for blah blah. GAH!

(Maybe i'm making excuses...)

McEuens said...

We've had life insurance for several years now, and as you may have noticed, neither of us has kicked the bucket. :)

Morgan -Ing said...

Anna- I wish Derek had it through work. Sigh.

Casey- I know, I agree, and yet, we HAVE to protect our kids, ya know?

Maren- Yes, I'm glad you're still around.:)

rebecca @ altared spaces said...

I know. When I bought life insurance, much later down the life path than you, I kept feeling those ghosts: I'm saying I expect him to die.

They go away.

And in their place comes this lovely, if sometimes unromantic, feeling that, "Hey, I'm actually growing up here and I didn't stop feeling young." The romance doesn't die. We still have things to say to each other. And....he hasn't kicked the bucket.

It's all good. Interestingly, lots of other good grown up things marched down the path for me after acquiring life insurance. Some of them tangible, some not so much. All good.

Anonymous said...

I like reading your posts. You're funny!

I'm not a grown-up, though, so I really can't speak to that ;-)

Alisa said...

gotta do it!!


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