Monday, April 4, 2011


From april 2011
You guys, two nights ago Ezra slept through the night!!

Don't bother congratulating me. Four kids in, I know the drill. My kids only sleep through the night right before they get sick. And then they don't do it again until after their first birthdays. 

So, yesterday morning it was indeed lovely to realize I'd just slept six hours in a row for the first time in two years (I am not joking, Oliver has only started sleeping through the night since Ezra was born!) but I also knew what was coming. 

And last night? We didn't sleep. We cried and fussed and snotted and dozed, but we did not sleep. Henry even got in on the action asking for a handkerchief at 4:30 this morning. Poor dude.

It seems all but Spencer (it's just a matter of time) have been stricken. 

I can't complain, so far it's just a cold and we've had a relatively healthy winter. I mean, we spent a good month after Ezra was born being sick non-stop but we've enjoyed a lull since then. We're due. 

So, I finally got Ez to stop crying and go back to sleep, Oliver is snotty but doing all right and the big boys are watching a movie. 

We're hunkering down, that's for sure. 

Let's pray it doesn't turn into croup because when it does someone winds up in the ER, and with no health insurance I'd rather like to avoid THAT circumstance. 

And hey, remember! I got six hours of sleep in a row two nights ago. That is reason to be very grateful. 
From april 2011


Stacy said...

Jealous about the sleep. And what is it about the colds? My poor baby has had maybe 3 weeks of his short life where he hasn't been fighting one. Both my little boys are snot faces, or as I affectionately call them, jelly donut faces. Ew.

Morgan -Ing said...

Poor Ian. It's SO miserable for them. I hate sick babies.

Casey said...

It's weird to me to hear about health insurance worries. Here we choose to have it if we want to select our surgeons etc but without it still get any medical care we need with little out of pocket expense. Unless you need scans etc.

It's a full nest: said...

You gotta celebrate all the big and small stuff!
How's everyone feeling? Better, I hope.

Morgan -Ing said...

Casey- Yes, it totally sucks. I panic a bit when I think about it too much. The costs of things without insurance are ASTRONOMICAL.

Kanesha- Thanks! Everyone is still covered in snot at this point. YUCK!

embracingitall said...

Hope you are all recovering. I wish some more sleep for you. I have only recently been sleeping for good stretches at night after 8 years of parenting! So I definitely feel for you. Jacinta


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