Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rewind Just a Bit

Did I ever tell you about the day Ezra was born?

NOT the BIRTH story, I know I told you about that. A tale that epic is not soon forgotten by the girl who's nether-regions were intimately involved.


The day of Ezra's birth.
From December 2010

It was just such an amazingly great day and I forgot to tell you about it, in all the hub-bub of baby-having.

Ezra's birth was great, but man, what was SO MUCH BETTER was being done having a baby! I very much liked the snuggling in and being visited repeatedly by people whom I love.

Plus I stayed in bed all day, well until dinner-time, which I have literally NEVER done in my life up to that point and don't think I'll ever get to do again.

And Derek made delicious pork tacos that I think I ate four of... and Kim forbade me from drinking 64 oz of Diet Coke.

And my parents came with my brother and my mom held Ezra while my brother and dad and winterized my house.

And my "sister" Lexi came and Alice spent the WHOLE day, and Kim worked non-stop. (That girl worked non-stop for a week!)

It was like magic that day. A beautiful baby, my children and family all around, and I was home.

Oh it was the best.

But there's more. 

The day Ezra was born changed something in me. How... I don't know. Why? No idea. 

I just know that with four littles, I am calmer, more patient, slower to anger than I have ever been. I'm sort of soaking up each day. In fact, everyone seems to be better behaved around here. 

It's actually a little weird.

The day Ezra came along altered our family so completely, it's almost like two different families. It's shocking to me, how much we *needed* him. That tiny little squalling person has made our family so much better! ( I mean, not that we weren't AWESOME before, of course!)

I have no idea why I'm waxing so nostalgic today. I was just thinking about how Ezra is nine whole weeks and he's almost laughing, and where did the time go?

"Slow down!" I whispered to him today. "Stay tiny for a just a bit longer!"

His brothers never EVER listened to this motherly demand, and he shows no signs of heeding either.


Lori said...

Post delivery is bliss, I so agree! 9 weeks, he DOES need to slow down. I wish the 'tiny' could last a little longer, it's so sad how fast it goes. But since we're waxing so nostalgic today, i still remember when you brought over that PLATTER of sandwiches after I had Anistyn and we feasted on it for DAYS! Have i mentioned lately how much i love you??? I.LOVE.YOU. =)

Morgan -Ing said...

Lori- I had forgotten about that! How funny. I remember when sweet Anistyn was born! I love you too! Wanna come visit?

BloggingBills said...

Boo Boo Head:
I think that having 4 kids is the trick. When you have 3 you try to do '2' with only one more. The problem is that you get so frazzled that nothing goes right. When you have 4 you somehow lower your expectations and get less stressed. Things that you were 'supposed' to do with 3 kids are less important. I was still a really tightly-wired mom when you were born. I was much less so when the Mouse was born. (I lived on the couch for days and let the family sort of swirl around me.) So I totally get it. When you have 4 kids you have a herd. You are on zone defense all the time and you can't stress about some of the little things, and as Nana says, "It's all little things."
Proud of you my baby! You do good things.

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks Momma!

Felicity said...

You had your little one at home?? We can so be best friends!! You boys are so cute! Can't wait to read you blog! :)

Thanks for the comment on mine.
I'm your newest follower!

Felicity, at {Simple Elegance}

Felicity said...

your* times two. Sorry, can't type!

Felicity said...

And you're a doula??? Seriously!!! I have to meet you!


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