Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This is YOUR life

So, the other night, I got down and dirty with Microsoft Word and typed up "The Care and Feeding of the Hagey Children."  I am inclined to do this each time I have a baby (I forgot when Oliver was born, which resulted in some trauma for Henry wherein a cup of white milk sent him into a tailspin...) Basically, it lays out our day. Who wears what, who eats off which plate, which show they are "allowed" to watch, etc for the various aunts that will be care-giving post-baby-birth.

Three pages of TINY print later, I thought unto myself, "Woah, does any of this really matter???"

And it does. Weird, isn't it? I am not the mother to children who will happily do whatever, whenever. They do indeed get all hot and bothered if you try to give Spencer the baseball bowl and Henry the basketball one. It's NOT RIGHT!

Oliver, as discussed previously, is OCD about his sleep habits. There is no pretending it's not true. He is a nut.

My extensive list of "Do's and Don'ts" for my children CAN be ignored if necessary. It really DOESN'T matter for a day, if they watch TV for 9 hours. Really.

But it's funny. To look at my life, my JOB all typed up nice and neat and see what it is I do all day, really. My life, my moments, my entire purpose for BEING at this point, all written down on three sheets of paper. In size 8 font. :)

That's my life folks. The Care and Feeding of Henry, Spencer and Oliver. Soon to include baby #4. And Derek is of course thrown in there.

Morgan: This is your life.
From December 2010


Lori said...

This is awesome. I totally did this for my parents when I had Ashlyn and Anistyn ... and the list was looooooong, shamefully long. I have very particular ladies ... maybe not as particular as your boys, but it brought me peace knowing that I had written it all out ... so if there were any major catastrophies while I was out of the office birthing a baby ... I could say, "Dude, Mom! I specifically remember putting it in writing that you were NOT to let Ashlyn sit in Avery's coveted chair!" "Look, I'm sorry Avery threw her plate through the kitchen window in a fit of rage." =)

p.s. I'm so excited to get the news about the latest little Hagey!!! Any day now.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. I write one for my son,one for each dog and one for the fish. It's not just for them, it helps me to know that while I'm away, their little lives will be as close to normal as possible and stress-free for the care giver.

BloggingBills said...

Bad news Tom Cruise. If I come up to help (and I'm planning to, just probably on the weekends) you'll have to resize that font into about 16 or 18 cuz my old gramdma eyes don't DO size 8 font.

Or you'll just have to tell me what to do.


PS You learned to write the 'epistles' from me because I used to write volumes when we had to be gone or when I left for things. If you recall.

BEK said...

Hey there - I actually enlarged the picture to see what kind of details are important in the ing family right now. Love the notes about the toast and jelly option... Also tell Derek hi for me!

On a side note, I'm hosting my first giveaway today - so check it out.

I could totally see you rocking one of the bags. I'll be praying for a quick and easy delivery. - Becca

Stacy said...

I loved this.

I just had my fourth baby two weeks ago, and I totally should have made a list like this. It all came to a head when my husband brought the kids to visit us and my 2 year old was wearing his Sunday clothes with his snowboots!

It was fun stopping by your blog- I'm a wannabe crunchy mama, birthed one of my babies at home and am a doula when I'm not nursing a baby round the clock. Good luck with the new baby! I hope your birth is wonderful.

Casual Blogger Community said...

I am SO GLAD to know that I am not the only person who did that.

Hilary said...

I do that, and then I have a panic attack about what will happen if I die.
My husband would be SO SCREWED. :)
Of course, the whole would probably just cease, right?


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