Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lately, well, even more so than usual, I have had a little shadow. It's hard for me to go ANYWHERE without his help.

Can you guess who it is?

From December 2010
From December 2010
From December 2010
From December 2010
If you guessed the stupid brown one, you guessed correctly. I mean, the other three tend to find me where ever I go, but MY GOODNESS, this dog will not give me a break. The dumb-butt tries to go to the bathroom with me. My bathroom is small and Oliver is ALWAYS also with me, so really, I don't need dog-assistance as well.

He must know the baby is coming soon, or he's just not very smart, or both, it's REALLY hard to tell. Regardless, I can not go far without my 80 lb quadruped helping. SO nice. Except not really. 

Right now, he's sitting next to me staring at me, as if expecting SOMETHING to happen... 

It's eerie. 

1 comment:

Amber C said...

Okay, first off, your boys are so adorable. Y'all make handsome babies! Secondly, I love S's pose in H's picture. Hilarious!
Thirdly, I understand your plight. Dave has his kitty shadow and the other shadows me. She will paw at the door if I shut it to go to the bathroom. I don't know why. The good news is that the dog will be helpful eventually!


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