Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Christmas Time in the City!

So rather than dwell on the irritation that is being awakened at 5:30 this morning, or the poop I've already dealt with this freezing dark AM or the constant chorus of "stay away from the fireplace!" or the fact that the dumb dog will always choose MY couch over his OWN, well, I'm going to talk about OTHER things instead.

I am SO positive and uplifting, right?


So, in our tradition, we put up our tree yesterday. The first Monday after Thanksgiving, we spend Family Home Evening doing the tree thing. This year, our tree is a REAL tree since I somehow misplaced our artificial one in all the moving... how do you that? I don't know, but I'm also missing two huge rubbermaids full of fabric and such, so please let me know when you find those things.

Anyway, so after Thanksgiving (which was fun by the way) we trekked up to the mountains in an attempt to find our very own Tannenbaum, and were pretty well miserable for it. Two feet of snow. TWO! And Oliver got car sick so I forced to carry him, and in the end, we gave up and went back to my sister's house and her kind husband chose a tree for us and brought it down the mountain.

And now it resides in my living room.

See how nice that worked out?

With only a few declarations of "DON'T TOUCH UNLESS I HAND IT TO YOU!" and one broken ornament (Spencer of course IGNORED the demands of "DON'T TOUCH!") we managed to get our tree decorated. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves. Well, and they just really wanted to eat our Christmas rice crispy treats we had made for after. A win for all!
From December 2010
Henry doing his thing.
From December 2010
Spencer, you can see how very NOT focused he is on his task.
From December 2010
Oliver just threw that around the entire time. NOT breakable.
From December 2010
From December 2010
From December 2010
Discussing WHY we put a star on the top of the tree. Henry was like, "Why did Heavenly Father put up a new star? Why didn't he just put a sign up for everyone to read?"
From December 2010
Jingle Bells!
From December 2010
Attempt #1 to get the star to stay... FAIL!
From December 2010
Attempt #2 required shaving the tree and a chair. SUCCESS!
From December 2010
A cute photo of my children standing serenely in front of the tree: FAIL!
From December 2010
Give them some sugar and ask them to smile: SUCCESS!

So as we head into the Christmas season, I wish you all the happiest and most joyous times. 

Merry Christmas! 

P.S. I am still pregnant. 39 weeks! Can you believe it??? 


TJDKG said...

Morgs your boys are too big seriously. It's not been THAT long since we saw you, but Spencer look soo much older now. so sad. And Oliver too, he just looks so big, he's not a baby anymore. We have yet to do our tree, we have hopes of doing it tonight. We talked about doing it before Thanksgiving but decided against it.

Alisa said...

what amazes me is that 39 weeks pregnant you are still carting around your boys, and trying to climb up a mountain. HELLO?!!


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