Monday, November 8, 2010

And we're back...

Dear President Obama:

I... just... I mean.. I'm getting tired of being ignored. Seriously.


In other news, we're in our HOUSE! (Don't get too excited, it's still just a rental). I would post pictures, but really, there is nothing to see yet. Besides I left the camera *among other things* at my parents' house. I warned them it would take weeks for us to actually get all our garbage out of their house.

It has been a quite a week, let me tell you. We have the important rooms done, you know, the kitchen, the basement... annnnndd that's it. The rest are kind of still a mess. My family was fabulous in helping us, with lugging incredibly heavy things, lawn mowing, packing, unpacking. We couldn't have done it without them.

The basement floods every time I do laundry (I've only tried twice). According to Google, the drainage pipe into the house seems to be the problem. Sigh. Must call the landlord!

But still, it's coming together, so I'm not whining too much. The kids are still kind of confused about where we live. Here? At this new house? Or Granne and Papa's house? The dog is totally confused, but so long as we provide him with a warm soft spot (my couch) then he does fine.

I'm dying of the plague. Everyone ELSE is healthy and over their colds, and I seem to be clinging to it with a fervor. This makes doing anything productive difficult. I was forced to put clothes away last night because they were all over my bed, and I just desperately wanted to go to bed. See how that works?

And now begins the whole, "This is where we live our life, and this is how we live it" change all over again. The main and important stuff stays, but really, we still have to adjust (NO DISHWASHER!) to things that are different, but we'll get there. We're pros at this moving stuff. This was the eighth move in as many years for Derek and I. We like to keep it interesting, I guess you'd say. Fun.


Erin said...

HEY! Your phone isn't working. Isaac says to check the connection between the Washer and the wall; it might have come loose b/c he only tightened it by hand. If it's loose, tighten it again and maybe use a wrench to be sure it's totally sealed.

Anna said...

I feel your moving pain! we moved 6 times in 5 years, thankfully have found a place that is working out fabulously


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