Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's my blog, and I'll birthday post if I want to!

Well, it's 3am, and I'm WIDE awake with this miserable cold from the bad place that just won't die.

So, I thought I'd do my birthday post for my BIRTHDAY BOY. It's only appropriate that I would do it now. Five years ago, right this second, I was in SERIOUS labor, working hard to bring forth this little man, Henry, so there's some nostalgia for you.

From Nov 2010
We celebrated his birthday last night because I don't believe in celebrating events on the actual day. Tonight Derek has to work, so it was yesterday instead. This is Henry blowing out his candle half-way through us singing "Happy Birthday" to him. He'd decided he'd had enough.
From Nov 2010
My big smart boy, opening his presents. I can honestly tell you, I would never have guessed I'd be mothering a child like this. He's still everything I said he was a year ago, or two years ago, and more. For his birthday he received (and was thrilled to pieces with):
Hardware clips
Foam piping
Aluminum foil
A giant measuring cup to store it all in
Yarn (2 skeins!!!)
Wooden wheels
Embroidery floss 
Sewing needles

And exactly one toy: A teenaged mutant ninja turtle. He's so funny. He can't wait to start "making stuff." It's his thing. 

For the most part, Henry is helpful. He is usually quick to obey. He HATES to clean up his toys and every single night, it's a battle. And I remind him, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT that we do this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Drives me bananas. 

Henry loves his brothers (mostly!) and plays happily all the day long. He's busy and smart and loves school. 

Any time I start to think I have this whole "motherhood" gig figured out, Henry goes and throws me for a loop. I guess that's the way it works with your oldest. His brothers do the same thing, but I guess I'm ready when they do it, because Henry already did it, just in his own way. I've literally NEVER met a child like him. He's just who he is so very thoroughly, and I sincerely hope he never loses that trait, especially as friends become oh so important and the influence of others starts to creep in. (I can't keep him solely my own forever!)
From Nov 2010

He was much too busy to look at the camera!

So Happy Birthday to my first-born, and to me I guess. Right about now, five years ago, I wanted to die, and was pretty sure I was going to. But as mothers do, I'd say it was worth it. :)
From October 2010


Carolyn said...

What a cute boy! I laughed at his list of presents, you'll have to keep us updated on what he makes with his stuff. :)

Erin said...

Happy Birthday to Henry! I wish we could have made it up to you guys for the festivities, however I was busy wishing I was dead, so traveling was a bit out of the question. Too bad you aren't partying tonight cuz I feel lots better. :-)

Jen said...

Looks like it was a good birthday!! Happy (belated) birthday to your big 5 year old! Ah...the time has gone by too fast.


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