Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear President Elect Obama-

I am writing to request that the VERY first thing you do in office is UNDO the time change as it relates to day-light-savings time.

Now, I realize that you have a lot on your plate. You have to single-handedly win/end a war, keep 300 million people out of another great depression, end our dependency on fossil fuels (or at least imports), solve the whole "define a family" issue, etc etc.

But, let's face it. None of that stuff has me as irritated as DAY-LIGHT-SAVINGS-TIME.

Here's the deal,Mr. President Elect- my childern don't understand. They get up at the same time they used to, which WAS 6:30-7:00. NOW it's 5:30. That is unacceptable.

They are tired and my baby requires an extra nap, that he doesn't want. So he screams.

And let's not forget that because they get up so stinking early, they have to eat lunch at 10:30 in the morning.

So, when dinner-time is still an hour away at 4:00pm, Spencer totally has a meltdown. His internal clock says it's 5:00, which makes it dinner time. I hadn't even started yet! Granted, homemade pretzels (YUM) only take a few minutes, but still, with children clinging to my legs, it REALLY slows the process down.

Keeping them awake until even 6:30 is a challenge. I can't put them to bed earlier than that. 6:30 is early enough. Bath and bed is not too horrible because they are SO happy to finally be going to sleep.

So, Mr. President, your acceptance speech, truly, was very inspiring. But I'd really rather you just FIX DAY-LIGHT-SAVINGS-TIME immediately upon being sworn in. All the rest of the country's problems will still be there.




Morgan, who is very tired.


Diane said...

That is such a hoot!!!

All I have to say to that is Amen! (Although the fall back makes bedtime pleasantly early around our house-without too big of consequence with regards to the time they get up)

And I hope the little boys adjust soon.

Jen said...

I suppose you could always move to AZ--they don't do daylight savings time there. I hope your boys adjust soon (and you get more sleep!).

Chelsea said...

Amen! I hate day light savings time. I don't even know what time is supposed to be the real time anymore. I'm not sure anybody knows. Who were we to screw around with time anyway? Don't you think that's a little dangerous? Think about it... I'm just sayin...

Alisa and Jared said...

Daylight savings IS ridiculous!

And a homemade pretzel recipe?!! DO SHARE!!!

Thanks for the tortilla recipe...can't wait to get the shortening today so I can make them...YUM!!

Becky said...

Yes! I despise daylight saving time. I'm with Chelsea - who do we think we are messing with time? Sheesh!

Anna said...

This is seriously how I feel!! My girls are up way too early for me. I even put a clock in their room and said "don't come get me until it beeps" but without fail every morning Mikelle comes in worried that its not going to beep.


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