Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well. We have not returned triumphant from this move, yet... we're in process. It's awful. REALLY REALLY awful. I'm sorry for griping. I'm done, griping. Not moving. Give me a week.

In other news, DUDE I am SO fat. Derek would like the world to know that it's "pregnant" not fat and it's "cute." To which I say, "DUDE! ZIP IT!"

Five more weeks, folks. Five more weeks. I can not believe that, nor can I really complain because this pregnancy has been a breeze. I have been SO blessed. I will not complain. I have nothing to complain about. Except for this picture of me reminding me that I am SO FAT!
From Derek's 29th Birthday
Remember? Remember three years ago, when I only had two kids and I was skinny? REMEMBER? 



Anyway. It's all good. This baby is due in December. I plan to fully enjoy the Holidays, and then New Year Resolution myself into my skinny jeans. 


And since I'm not complaining about anything tonight, I'm going to go find a bowl of Special K. 

Good night!


Alice said...

Sorry about the horriblness of moving. It will be over soon. If you guys need help on Saturday, I am totally free. Let me know. See you on Friday! :)

Yasmine said...

I'm fat too--I feel for ya. There's nothing that feels "cute" about not fitting into normal size clothes and having to roll out of bed.

We're almost there!!!!

Chelsea said...

Would you feel better knowing that I've gained more weight than you have and have *never* been pregnant? I'll take that one for the team. :P


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