Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lose Two Sizes in Two Weeks!

Speaking of milestones: I have reached a pregnancy milestone. I have now reached the point in pregnancy that I wish to eat only cereal, and if I really had to pick, Special K.

I know, it's weird. My theory is, I almost never feel hungry. Truly, for being pregnant, you'd think I'd be starving, but not so much this time around and especially not with a 5lb baby hanging on to my innards. So, I have no appetite.

But I MUST eat! This I know. Regardless of how much fat I believe the baby has to snack on, I have to eat, I know it. I know it because when I do, the baby wakes up and gets all happy. So, he is definitely wanting me to eat.

But I have NO SPACE. So I eat cereal. I force myself to ingest meat/protein of some kind every single day. (That's a lie, but dang it all, almost every day!). Otherwise, I eat cereal. It totally grosses Derek out.

I do require a trip to In n Out once a week after grocery shopping to cure my disdain for grocery shopping, and I feel that feeds the baby quite well.

I cook dinner, I do all the good things I'm supposed to, but darnitalltoheck, I just want to eat Special K.

So, I buy a family sized box weekly (right before I go to In n Out) and then I eat it all, throughout the course of the week.

It's working so far.

I am the biggest hypocrite in the world too, because DUDE I lecture clients about proper nutrition.

And well... where's the Special K?


Kim said...

well you should not write these things where your midwife can see ;) don't make me come up there sooner (shaking finger)

Lori said...

Special K? Seriously Morgan? That baby boy is going to be a lean machine. You're making me look bad. I always prefer to pregnancy-binge on the things that will really leave a mark ... and possibly an inner-tube around my waist. Come on Morgan, make it count! Make.It.Count. =)

p.s. Can't wait for this new Hagey to show! 10 Bucks says he's as cute as his older brothers.

Yasmine said...

I get it. For me it's chocolate rice krispies. I feed the boys something else and then sneak my chocolate rice krispies for almost every meal. Glad it's not just me!


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