Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For your information

Ya know what is gross? Snotty kids mixed with glazed donuts. Seriously. Not a good combination.

(How's that for an opener?)

It seems we have entered "cold and flu" season around here, which is silly because we are ALWAYS getting colds. Winter, spring, summer or fall, someone is always getting the sniffles. It is a blast. I really really love it.

In other news, we've been "hosting" an extra dog for the last, oh, week (almost) and can I just say that THREE dogs all who are 80lbs + (one of whom is 200+) is A LOT OF DOG for one house. They are EVERYWHERE! And my dog in particular isn't impressively intelligent, therefore only adding to the chaos because he's kind of stupid! It is craziness around here. And three little boys riling them all up doesn't help matters.

Ridiculous. I live in a circus.

We're kind of, maybe, looking for a place to live (as kind and gracious as my parents are to literally host us indefinitely) and it is a nightmare. I have mentioned (haven't I?) how much I despise moving right? Well. Just go back and read the archives.

That's all. Oh, wait, I'm over at MMB telling about a bad-Morgan-mommy-moment. Check it out.

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