Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, Oliver went to NURSERY at church this last week. He is 18 months old and that is *the* age. It was adorable, and I checked on him in the their little one-way window about 30 times, Derek confessed to a dozen and my dad even said he looked in twice. He was well-looked after, that's for sure. Next week will be the real test though, if he remembers being left, and still allows us to leave him.


This is the back of his head, while he sits on the leader's lap, through the window, taken by Derek's phone. How's THAT for a description? 

Milestones are something we run into as parents constantly. One day they don't sleep through the night, the next they do. One day they are stubbornly refusing to crawl, the next they are running. It happens SO fast. I was looking at my little man yesterday and thinking, "You used to be a BABY!" And now he is a baby/toddler, with so much to say and he is not afraid to share his opinions either.

Last night, we were outside for FHE, doing some work, and Oliver looked up, offered me his hand and said, "Walk?" and so we walked. And it was just a moment, a short walk, for short legs, but a walk it was. When did he get big enough to not only walk but demand to do so?

The bigger boys hit milestones too, but they are slower and more gradual since they're older, but still the irony of "blinking and it's been five years" is not lost on me! I just hope I'm not squandering the tiny time I get to be "mommy" before I'm replaced with "Mom" and then "that annoying lady that makes me clean my room!"

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Alice said...

I am blaming it on hormones, but this post made me a little weepy! They are growing so fast and I am glad I am allowed to be a part of it! ;)


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