Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here we go again

The time has come.

Oh, how I want to cry.

The time has come. To potty train Spencer.

I can not believe we're here again. I JUST POTTY TRAINED HENRY.

Okay, fine, it was a year ago, but still.

Spencer is not quite 2.5 years old. Henry was 3 years and 3 months before I even considered it. I firmly believe that I could not have been successful if I had ever tried even one day earlier than we did with Henry. I have a brain block about potty training 2 year old boys. They need to be 3 before you even try!!!!


Spencer wants to SOOOO bad, and how is it fair, that I, his mother, keep him from going #1 and #2  respectably in the toilet, rather than embarassingly in his pants???

It's not fair. So, I have to.

Henry took exactly 1 day, 1 2-liter of Diet (caffeine free) Coke, a baby doll who wet himself, a bunch of presents, a chart, stickers, candy, and some underwear to potty train. He used the toilet 17 times that day.

I am planning a Toy Story themed potty party for Spencer-man, starting at 0dark30 tomorrow.

I'm already tired just thinking about it.

If it doesn't work, I don't think I'll ever have the energy to potty train him again. So, it's now or never. (Or Derek can try again later.)

But if it works??? ONE KID IN DIAPERS!!!! Oh my, the thought is so sweet, I can barely stand it. It's what's getting me through the fear of tomorrow.
What I'm choosing NOT to think about is how many potty trips we'll be making with Spencer AND Henry, (who still whizzes in every single public bathroom we ever go near, ever) whenever we leave the house.

But I'm not thinking about that.


Wish us luck!!!!!!!


Amber C said...

You go girl! Get him trained! Save some money on diapers! Wooot! Took me all of 2008 to potty train Belle and I'm hoping this girl is easier than her.

mabills said...

Maybe you could delegate this job to Henry - he could teach the big boy skills to his little brother. Put your feet up, relax and cheer them both on to victory!
Aunt M.A.

BloggingBills said...

I am sending positive energy to you. (Got that from a sister in our ward who thinks she's into crystals, energy, Buddhas, etc. etc. etc.) I also thing you need litte targets for him to shoot. I am a fan of cheerios.


Alisa and Jared said...

Wowee!! You can do it!! GOOD LUCK!!

JAuna said...

I saw some CUTE targets at anna's linens.. but we didn't use targets for David. I think Gracie's going to be 3 before she starts. that or I need to just take all diapers away from her she still refuses and says no my biaper.. nice. Hope its a quick one for you.. and Henry will outgrow having to go in every bathroom, David has, but Kyleigh no such luck, we give her like 5 minutes when we go somewhere before she absolutely HAS to go. and you tell her she can hold it and sh starts saying but the pee is coming out.. you get in there and the pee wont come out. annoying.
Anyway, good luck he may just be so ready that its not a problem at all!

Becky said...

Oooh, good luck with that. I have been putting off starting with Millie for at least a month. My mentality has been: I don't wanna and you can't make me!! (Yes, that's MY mentality, not hers...)


We can do it!!


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