Monday, January 5, 2009

We love Joe.

This is Joe.

From Jan 2009

Why do we love Joe?

Because he is awesome. He potty trained Henry.

Okay, Henry is not "technically" 100% potty trained, but he is 100% MORE potty trained today than he was yesterday.

I read this awesome book, "Potty Train Your Child in One Day" about a year ago, and Henry, being 2 and stubborn was SOOOOOO not ready. So, I waited and waited. And now, with 12 weeks until New Baby is due, I thought I better freaking get this done because I have no intention of having THREE children in diapers.

So, I reread the book and planned the day. The basic idea is that you throw a huge party for you and your kid. The morning of, you potty train the doll. Joe, in our case.

Then, in the afternoon, you give your kid underwear, take off his diaper and literally NEVER EVER look back again.

So, that is what we did.

Here is Joe, waiting to be opened up this morning:
From Jan 2009

It was an EXHAUSTING day, I'm not gonna lie.

However, I am so proud of my boy, I can't even put it into words. Henry caught on quickly to Joe's needs. I'd stage "accidents" (aka squirting Joe's undies with water) and we'd rush off to the potty. If Joe went on the potty (another water bottle, with lemonade, squirted in the potty) Henry got to have a treat. By afternoon, he was ready to go.

And let me tell you, GO he went. One accident. That is IT, all day. Henry went #1 17 times on the potty today.

That is not an exaggeration. He drank a TON of diet caffeine free diet coke, and viola! He needed to go a ton.

From Jan 2009

Goldfish to induce thirst and diet coke to wash 'em down. PERFECT!

And let us remember that what one does, the other must also. So, Spencer demanded underwear as well. And, diet coke. Of course, his went over his diaper, which Henry found hugely amusing.

From Jan 2009

After dinner, Daddy came home and we had cake and presents to celebrate his huge accomplishment. (I know the badge says "Birthday Champ" but we told him it said, "Potty Champ.")

From Jan 2009

From Jan 2009

I know that he isn't really potty-trained. He has yet to leave the house, or wear pants or anything, but 17 successful potty trips and only one accident is making me very optimistic, considering he NEVER EVER has used the potty until today. EVER! And most, almost all, of the 17 successful trips were initiated by Henry! The few times that I made him sit, he didn't need to go! He caught on so fast.

So, we'll keep working on it. We've not gone anywhere near poop yet, but it'll come.

Either way, I totally recommend the book. It's by Teri Crane and it was great.

By the way,Spencer thinks underwear is multi-functional
From Jan 2009


BloggingBills said...

Fabulous! I loved the potty dolls also that I used with you all.
Nice hat on Spencer!

Sara said...

Go Joe! And Henry!

Matt and Carolyn said...

YAY! That is so exciting! What a great idea. And I love that your kids are hooked to Diet Coke, and that Spencer had some in his sippy cup, hahaha! Go Henry!

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah, Carolyn, Spencer is NOWHERE as bad as Henry, but he still wanted whatever Henry had. My only comfort is knowing it wasn't caffeinated... not a great comfort, but still. :)

Alisa and Jared said...

Wohoo! I hope it lasts!

Brian and Kelsey said...

I wish my stupid Dog caught on that fast... I swear she goes out of spite. It sounds like it worked well. And we had potty training dolls? I thought we used you?

Amy said...

Take it from one who knows, Morgan recommends worthwhile parenting books!
I lol reading your blog. Love you guys! I still want to call you and talk about Wendell's birth.

Alisha said...

Hey, can I get the author's name for the book? Our tiny podunk library doesn't have it under the title, so I'm hoping to request it! Thanks!

Morgan and Derek said...

Alisha- Teri Crane. I got mine at Half Price Books in San Antonio. Apparently, it's quite popular.

Morgan and Derek said...

And Amy- call whenever you have a moment and some energy. New babies are utterly and completely exhausting. But I can't wait to hear from you!


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