Monday, January 25, 2010

I wrote it in a letter...

To those of you who don't know we spent a very QUICK weekend up at my parents' house for my niece's baptism. Crazy doesn't even begin to define it. So, in response, here are my letters to my family.

Dear Parents- thank you SO much for hosting this weekend. It was great to be amongst family. Sorry about the dog's accident on your carpet. LOVE YOU!

Dear Oliver- THANK YOU for sleeping through the night the past 3 nights. If you continue doing this, I shall buy you a pony.

Dear Kelsey- Don't ever give up. You're strong, you're awesome. You're an 8 cow woman.

Dear Erin (and Isaac)- We missed you.


Dear Caleb- See you next week.

Dear Nana- I'm so glad we got to see you!!!

Dear Henry- Thanks for barely talking to me all weekend.

Dear Spencer- Ditto. Cousins are the BEST!

Dear Josh- If you go get me my phone, I'll give you a nickel.

Dear Derek - Thanks for taking time off work to come play with us. You're my FAVORITE!

Dear Sarah- What can I say? You missed funny stuff every time you went to bed!

Dear Jason and Alisha- thanks for squeezing in time for us. Sorry my children are insane.

Dear Jordynn- Congrats on your baptism! We love you.

Dear Camera- Sorry I forgot you at home, and therefore took no pictures of our weekend in Utah.

Dear Dog- Thanks for having getting in the trash, and then having diaherra in my car.

Dear Sandy Police Officers- I'm extremely impressed with your response time. Henry calling 911, while not planned, made us feel safe, knowing if we ever DID need you, you'd be there, knocking down our door. Oh, and sorry about stepping in that dog poop on the sidewalk.



Alisa and Jared said...

did he REALLY call 911?! Oh no!!

Morgan -Ing said...

Oh yes, he really did. And two cops showed up too. Sigh. Kids.

Ken and Jen said...

lol! Sounds like you had an eventful weekend. :o)

McEuens said...

How is it that I talked to you today and did not hear the 911 story?!

Morgan -Ing said...

Maren, I forgot to tell you...

The Wolford Family said...

In my defence I'm OLD and TIRED!!!!!

Alisha said...

We love your family and crazy kids are part of the fun of life! Plus they were wasted. Our fault for being so late


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