Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well Folks. It's done.

Spencer is "potty" trained.

Kind of.


Ask me again tomorrow.

From Jan 2010
He is THRILLED to be in "unnerwear" as he calls it. He NEVER wants to wear diapers again.

He drank a ton of diet coke. And it turns out, he has a bladder of steel. Henry used the bathroom 12 times this afternoon when I cracked open the bubbly.

But I wasn't potty training Henry.

Spencer went 4 times and drank twice as much as Henry. Two times on the floor, two times on the potty.

From Jan 2010
My head hurts and I want to go to bed.

But I'm so proud of my boy. We had our potty party tonight with Daddy. It was the highlight of Spencer's day.
From Jan 2010

But like I said, ask me again tomorrow.
From Jan 2010


Yasmine said...

That's what I'm going through with McKay right now! It's funny how exciting underwear can be. Good luck.

Anna said...

okay question, does that include poop! ha, weird I know. Kaylee has peeing down no problem, its the poop that she struggles with, really I think its a patience thing.

Alisa and Jared said...

I'll be waiting for that update!!

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Congratulations Spencer!!! And...Congratulations Mama!!! That is so hard!!! You guys made it look easy! Way to go!!!

Morgan -Ing said...

Anna- I am anxiously awaiting poop this morning. Spencer is an AM-pooper. We haven't crossed that bridge yet. AHHH!

Jauna said...

WAHOO.. waiting for the update though.. i may do it with Gracie not sure.


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