Monday, February 2, 2009

Odds N' Ends

We had a lovely weekend with Derek's brother (Jason) his wife (Alisha) and their girls. We were glad they made the trip.

Want to see ALLLLLL the pictures I took of their visit?

From Feb 2009
Yeah, that was it. I guess we were just having too much fun.

Derek took the boys out on the bike this weekend. It was fun! They are "allowed" to go around the parking lot, and in Spencer's case, the bike isn't turned on.

From Feb 2009

From Feb 2009

On another note, remember when I bought the boys stuffed puppies?

Of course you do.

Anyway, they love them. A LOT! So, I have been meaning to get back up dogs, in case of emergency, right? I mean, what could be worse than needing "Bup-Bup" as Spencer calls him, and NOT finding him? It would be HORRIBLE!

But, around Christmas, they quit selling the stuffed dogs, and then just brought them back. BUT they are slightly different, and a dollar more expensive.... not that that matters.

Well, we found the twin (ish) of Spencer's Bup-Bup, but Henry's wasn't there. NOT even CLOSE! Bummer. Of course we bought Bup-Bup #2 and he is now hidden safely in my closet should we ever need him. And based on how hard Bup-Bup gets loved, we're gonna need it. I'm not too sure what to do about "Puppy" which is Henry's...

Can you tell which is the new one???
From Feb 2009

See? He USED to be white...
From Feb 2009

And in closing, last night, after the nudey-parade (running from their room to the bathroom, before baths...) Henry did his business on the toilet, and Spencer... well, Spencer took care of his on the bath mat.


At least he wasn't IN the tub...

Lucky me.

That's all Folks.

Happy Monday.


Erin said...

Try switching between the old puppy and the new puppy; they'll both get worn out (more evenly) and, should the day ever come that one is lost (heaven forbid) you really won't be able to tell the difference. :-) Just a friendly suggestion from your childless elder sister.

Morgan and Derek said...

Hmm, not a bad idea. Do I want them to be equally worn out? I guess probably, huh?

Nathaly said...

We just bought back up puppies, too. Diego has always had a bear, and Celo has a puppy. The puppy was getting pretty bad, so I decided to buy a back up for times when I'm washing the old one, or in case it gets lost or whatever. Well, they have discontinued that puppy!! I googled the name of it and eventually found 2 on ebay. I bought both, because Diego has decided that he now wants the exact same puppy as Celo. Anyway, if you put ours side by side, you can definitely see the difference! I hadn't noticed how bad the old one was until I saw the new ones!

Jauna said...

yes you want a back up thats just as worn out and dingy lookly!!! let him take it to the playground and get it FILTHY.. just dont let him use the q-tips on it.... =)

Chelsea said...

Bup-bup. I love it.

I want to visit you guys SO badly.
I'm definitely going to raise a fund.

Morgan and Derek said...

Nat- Maybe I'll check ebay for Henry's since I don't have a backup...


Chelsea- a fund would be good. I approve. ;)

BloggingBills said...

Maybe you can give them both and let them sleep with them both, and then give them another and let them sleep with that and another and another until their beds are full and they won't put any on the floor because it might hurt some toy's feelings and you could throw in a toothbrush or two to sleep with.......

BloggingBills said...

Hey, when and how did you get the motor bike fixed? Very cool!
Love to all!

Morgan and Derek said...

Oh, yes, all the bike needed was a new battery! It was SOOOO much cheaper than we thought. Hurray!

And, mother! I plan on limiting stuffed animals for that exact reason. So there. :)


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