Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today, as I was playing (and by playing, I mean telling Spencer to STOP eating things off the ground) with my boys outside, my mind wandered around to when I was a little girl.

I hated to clean my room.

I don't know why. I just did. What kid doesn't, I guess?

ANYWAY, so, rather than just get it the freak done, I used to cry, wail and carry on something awful.

At least once, during each room-cleaning hurrah, I'd climb under my desk and pray my feverent little heart out. Please keep in mind that I'd be sobbing the ENTIRE TIME:

"Dear Heavenly Father,

If you will please, PLEASE PLEASE make my room immaculate when I open my eyes, I will NEVER ask you for anything, (sob, sob, sob) ever again. PLEASE! Just clean my (sniffle, snort) make my room clean for me, and I'll leave you alone. Forever. I promise!"

Then, I'd open my eyes....


my room would still be a disaster.

And I would cry out, and wonder why He had forsaken me.

(Please don't think I'm being flippant. I absolutely meant every word, and I truly believed He'd clean my room for me.)

And now, looking back:

Holy Cow. I am so glad that an all-knowing Father Above did not clean my room for me. I have needed Him so much in the last 18 or so years since then, that I would be in a boat-load of trouble if I'd had to have been done asking for stuff then, as a small girl of seven.

Hallejuah. I had to suck it up and clean my own darn room.

Problem is, I find myself still asking for things I shouldn't sometimes. And then He kindly, firmly tells me "NO!" and then later, I go, "Oh, good. I'm so grateful You're so much smarter than me."

Weird thoughts for playground time, but still. It's where my brain was today.


Anna said...

That is a pretty random thought for the play ground. I said a prayer like that once to find my Popple, and well I never found it. :)

Morgan and Derek said...

You never found it? I'm sorry! Ask again... :)

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

I remember praying like that when I was little too. I don't know how I have missed all of your entries, but it all so cute! I can't wait to meet your boys!

BloggingBills said...

Insight and understanding is a wonderful combination we call wisdom and it looks like you you have an abundance. Good for you!
Love to all,

BloggingBills said...

If I had known it would cause you such distress, I would have just filled up 900 garbage bags with your junk, chucked it out in the garbage and you'd not have to clean your room. Sorry, I didn't know.


Chelsea said...

I'm sure I've done the same thing and come to the same realization in retrospect. I hate cleaning my room, too.


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