Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not one, but 2


No, I am not crazy. Okay, maybe, but I am not dumb enough to actually saddle myself with 2 live animals of any kind (I already have two kids, what more does one woman need?)

We were at Target (HEY! At least I didn't say WALMART!) and we were looking at toys because Henry's birthday is in a month and I hoped he'd give me some ideas, OTHER than this

which is 3 feet tall, walks, roars, etc. It's $129. I don't think so.

So, anyway, we're wandering and we go through the stuffed animal section. We have no stuffed animals at home. I think they are dumb. My boys NEVER play with them and they just take up space we don't have.

BUT! Henry reaches out and grabs this stuffed dog. And then he hugs it, and then he says, "I love him! Can I take him home?" Spencer immediately follows suit and whines until I hand him a stuffed dog.

So why did I give in? Well, first off, I tried not to. I said no, I said "Maybe for your birthday..." etc. But, the look on my little man's face was so unbelieveably tragic...

AND for MONTHS (I kid you not... or is it kidd? I don't care) Henry has had an imaginary puppy. He'll walk up to me carrying only a leash left over from our cat-ownership-days and say, "See my puppy? He's so soft." So, I decided that it was worth it. I had FULL intentions of taking the stuffed animals away as SOON as they lost interest and hiding them until Henry's birthday.

Trouble is, they didn't loose interest. Spencer brought me his ALL DAY long and made me "bark" like a dog and tickle his nose. He carried his little mutt around snuggled to his face and is now sleeping with it in his bed. Henry did they same, minus making me bark. He informed me SEVERAL times today that he loves his puppy SO MUCH.

So, I'm sure the novelty will wear off, (at least for Spencer) or maybe not, but I figure, it seems to $15 well spent when it is no one's birthday, Christmas nor has either child pooped on the potty. Oh well, call 'em spoiled but they are my babies and I say no plenty darn it.

From Puppy day

See? He LOVES his puppy.

Oh, and Spencer (who is a hoot) found himself to be HYSTERICAL today when he'd stick his peanut butter sandwich to his face.

From Puppy day


Alisa and Jared said...

Whew! At least they're not REAL puppies!

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

I totally thought you were going to say 2 babies....twins! Hehe. But puppies are cool too.

Morgan and Derek said...

Kara- I didn't even think about that! Whoops!

Nathaly said...

Aww, that's so cute! And I'm glad they're not real!

Celo sleeps with a puppy that my grandpa gave him. Lately he's been carrying it around everywhere. They're both going to be dogs for halloween, and I have a feeling that when Celo sees Diego dressed as a dog, he's not going to be able to resist hugging him.

Emily said...

Oh, I thought you were going to say you're having twins, too! THAT would be enough to send anyone over that insanity edge, but so would two puppies with two young kids and a baby coming! I'm glad that none of the above scenarios are what you're experiencing, because that would just be... crazy. And I'm sure sometimes it's worth it to say yes to the kiddos. :)

McEuens said...

I'm sorry. I'm still in shock that you were at Target! Does Walmart know?

Ok...the shock is passing. And I must say that you're a brave woman for intentionally perusing the toy aisles of any store with two children, at least one of whom is old and aware enough to tell you what he wants and that he wants it right now, please mommy. Please, please, please. I recently tried that with Evan and did, in fact, buy him an early birthday present that I hid. He spent all night asking about it and had a howling tantrum on the airplane (yes, the airplane) the next day when it was not one of the toys I pulled out of our carry-on. He then spent weeks asking about it. Needless to say, he will not be going with me when I scout out his (or Caleb's) other presents.

Anyway, now that I have left you an insanely long comment (maybe I should just go update my own neglected blog rather than rambling on yours), I will just say that I think the puppy story is adorable! My kids have never been big on stuffed animals either, but Caleb has a stuffed monkey that...sorry...I was doing it again.

Cute story (I would like to hear you bark next time we talk), cute kids, cute pictures. Glad you (presumably) aren't having twins!

BloggingBills said...

I think twins would be awesome! And, I think stuffed toys must be genetic because you loved them as a kid---remember sleeping with ALL of them so no one would get his/her/its feelings hurt....?


Morgan and Derek said...

Yes, Mom, I remember. :)


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