Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween lasted a full three days here. We are all very very tired, and over-sugared. It was a great time really, but tiring.

We started our celebrations with story time for the littles with church trunk or treat. It was a carnival first and then the candy. Too much fun was had. Oh my goodness it was so fun for our little people to party with their friends.

You may note that we had TWO Harry Potters. Spencer was supposed to instead be a gold power ranger (which is also what Ezra was), but the night before the party, he confessed that he REALLY wanted to be Harry Potter (this of course infuriated Henry, but whatevs), so we through a costume together. It worked.

Friday was school parties and a parade. The kids had fun, and as a third grade room mom, I just hoped it wasn't a disaster.

Finally Saturday was the big day! Our town does a fantastic job making Halloween amazing. We all donate candy to the town, and then it is distributed to the houses in the Historic district. The whole town trick or treats there. The homes are decorated to the teeth. It's just such fun. 

I'm learning the ways of my new camera. It's a lot of buttons and knobs and new-fangledness. 

Halloween, Over and OUT. 

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