Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spencer's Baptism Weekend

We had a beautiful weekend. Thursday night my parents showed up, Friday my sister Erin and her little guy Levi came, and then we went adventuring. We drove to Vermont where the Ben and Jerry's factory resides.

Bonus points: We ate ice cream for dinner in 40 degrees. Outside.

Saturday was the baptism. We're glad Spencer decided to get baptized. It was a good morning!

Saturday afternoon we went to Manchester in search of Nana, my mom's mom, who had somehow ended up in New Hampshire with her sister, brother-in-law and her friend, from Texas. They had come up from Virginia to leaf-peep and antique. Nana didn't realize how ridiculously close we are, so it was delightful to find her at an antique store.

Extra bonus points: no child of mine broke  anything at the very crowded antique store. Be proud.

We had our primary program today, and it was awesome to have my kids' grandparents here to see.

Bonus points: I'm the primary music leader. I didn't cry until the very last song. Go me.

Then we "bent" the Sabbath to have lunch with our favorite leaf-peepers/antiquers before dropping my folks off at the airport. It was so fun.

1,000 extra bonus points: We visited the neatest little aviation museum by the airport. It had flight simulators and and actual cockpit. Very much a highlight.

The weekend was so fun, so busy, and really beautiful. I'm glad we got to be together and celebrate Spencer's baptism, and time together. Loved it.

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Erin said...

It was a lovely weekend. :) I award Hagey family fun all the points!


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