Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Henry: a decade

Our baby boy is ten. I am not sure how this happens, other than that time flies when you're having fun. Henry is now a double-digit-midget.

It is a pleasure being Henry's mom. He is a good, kind person. He wants to do what's right, and is harder on himself than anyone else is. I get on his case about stuff, but it's all minor in comparison to the GOOD that he is.

Derek surprised him at school with yummy sandwiches and treats. Henry LOVED it. It was fun thing for those boys of mine. Then Texas Roadhouse which is always a fun chaotic adventure. And finally, the whole cake/ice cream/presents thing. He was gifted a camera from his grandparents, which was much wanted and appreciated and some other fun things. Then tonight, a movie with Dad, Spencer and Oliver, then his favorite activity, using his birthday gift card from his OTHER grandparents. (Many pokemon cards are in my future. SIGH.)

We're grateful to be Henry's family, thankful he was willing to come and be first, and blaze this trail of unknown for his siblings. He complains a lot about his brothers, but I know in the end, he has their backs. Happy Birthday Henry! We love you!

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