Thursday, September 10, 2015

An Ode to Summer

The light is changing.

I don't mean that the days are growing shorter, but of course that's true too.


I mean that as the world starts to tilt and let the southern hemispheres have their days in the sun, our world here is changing. The hazy, glittering light of spring gave way first to robust gold of summer. And now? Creamy ambers filter through the tree leaves that are losing the fight.

Summer is over. Despite what the calendar claims, our summer, our golden summer has come to an end.

I am sad, I'm practically in mourning.

Sweetest summer, you were impossibly short.

I am proud though that we LOVED summer with the love that only those who have long winters can love summer.

We played. Every chance we got, we chose to ignore our responsiblities and play.

And play.

And play.

The lake knew us by names.

The ocean became our friend.

The trees welcomed us.

Winter is still a ways off, blessedly. Autumn is full of its own magic, for which I am grateful. There is beauty and joy to look forward to. Apples to pick, a visit from my parents, a baptism for my sweet boy, my favorite Holidays approach, more birthdays (Henry is approaching TEN!!).

Yes, I can appreciate the fall with all the happiness of my heart, whilst forcing thoughts of ice and cold out as much as possible. I try anyway.

But my dear friend, summer, the whole of you should be written SUMMER because to us, you were EVERYTHING.

We hit the lake one last time today. I know we won't make it back. Rain was forecasted, and it was only abot 75 degrees. That mattered not at all.

 photo 20150910_120304.jpg We went.

 photo 20150910_120701.jpg We played.

We rejoiced.

And now, we kiss summer goodbye. Oh my how we will miss you SUMMER.

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