Wednesday, September 9, 2015

San Antonio 2015

Well, we did Texas this last week. It was an AMAZING time. We hadn't been to San Antonio in several years, so we were all beside ourselves with excitement.

Traveling with six kids...

Well, we are finally *knock on wood* not horfing every time we leave the house.

That's a good thing.

Let's all do a celebratory "hallelejuah!"

Go ahead. I'll wait.


Texas was hot.

I will spare you the foul language used to describe the heat of Texas in early September, but just know that sweating is a lifestyle in Texas.


We played with Grandpa and Grammy and Cory (Derek's brother) all week. Todd, Derek's other brother made limited appearances as well.
 photo 20150903_115300.jpg

Uncle Cory took no time stealing Miriam's heart. She had him wrapped around her finger within five minutes. 
 photo 20150906_121048.jpg
One of my kids captured this picture of my inlaws doing church work. Because they are good, righteous, loving, giving people. They are such good examples to me. 

 We hit awesome places like the Fort Sam Houston Quardrangle. Tame deer, hilariously hungry poultry, hot hot hot, and a super cool museum for the win!
 photo 20150904_124257.jpg

Ten pound bag of feed: GONE.
 photo 20150904_123157.jpg

These girls were so sweet!
 photo 20150904_124251.jpg

Sea World was hot. But not terribly busy. AND, because it was like 50th birthday or something, their "surprise squad" awarded us at random with the ENTIRE day for our ENTIRE group of 11, all we could eat and drink arm bands at any of their park restuarants. This MADE the day. Instead of baking nonstop in the heat, we were able to frequently sit down and cool off, eat, drink, and be air conditioned. It was the best.

Oh, the rides were fun too. But we really didn't make it on many between walking everywhere, shows, and well... you know... food. photo 20150907_164254.jpg
The whackos all in one place. Except my father in law, who was the photag. We are a rag tag bunch, no question.

The shows were awesome, so fun and educational.
 photo 20150907_144109.jpg

We really learned a lot!

 photo 20150907_120719.jpg

 photo 20150907_120725.jpg

This baby... he is my heart. 
 photo 20150907_133517.jpg

On our last day we visited Landa Park in New Braunfels which was gorgeous, and the water cold and welcome.

 photo 20150908_145109.jpg

 photo 20150908_145124.jpg  photo 20150908_145048.jpg
It was so great to be with family, to visit, to reconnect, and play.

 photo 20150908_200617.jpg

Now we're home, and well. Traveling with six kids...

 photo 20150909_083801.jpg

Hey Fred, that's ONE way to eat peanuts. 

 photo 20150909_140829.jpg

Oh my funny, cute Oliver!
 photo 20150909_140843.jpg

Waiting for our van at the airport (driven bravely by my dear friend), we got a little goofy. 

 photo 20150909_153631.jpg

A LOT goofy.
  photo 20150909_153635.jpg
I'm not sure I've ever been more tired than I am at this very moment.


The kids were fantastic the entire week, with all the running around we did, the travel, the lack of sleep, really their were dream kids! Frederick wins for "best baby." He was a dream.

We are blessed. It was a visit well-worth making.


Grammy Hagey said...

And the Missions won their ballgame! We LOVED having you all here. Thank you for the handwritten note, your patience, kindness and sharing your lovely family. How grateful I am to Heavenly Father for Derek and you. Hugs and kisses, forever.

Grammy Hagey said...
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