Monday, August 3, 2015

Spencer turns 8!

Oh Spencer.  How have eight years already come and gone? Just a moment ago, I was saying "hello", I'm nearly certain.

Now you are tall and handsome. You are imaginative and smart. Still you remain an early riser (oh so very early), and move at your own pace. Rushing you never ever works. Ever. It's always your schedule. And usually that's ok.

You learned to ride a bike this summer. After trying for two summers, this year was different. You just *knew* how. Same with swimming. One day, you just went.

I'm learning to trust your instincts.

You never needed to learn how. You just know.

I love you dear boy. You're a joy. Yes, you've got a temper, but you're learning not to let it control you. You're learning all the time.

Happy Birthday, babe.

(His requests, strawberry cake with lime frosting and blueberries on top, homemade lemon/lime/orange ice cream and Chuck E. Cheese's. Weird kid.)


gaiasky said...

Your kids all look so big!

So get this! I work with your Dad! Isn't that crazy?? I saw one of your pics and I was like wait....that's Kent. :) Incidentally my dad's name is also Kent!

Glad to see you guys thriving. :D


Morgan Hagey said...

Brie, that is so funny! Small world!


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