Friday, July 31, 2015


Oh gosh. I swore as the snow began to finally melt that never even once when summer finally began would I complain of the heat. I was dedicated instead to simply squeezing the juice out of summer in every way possible.

See, living here means that you accept the tundra frozen, covered in snow for months on end.

The payout is so so good though. Summer.

Oh summer.

You are so very good.

It's almost worth the disgusting-ness of the never-ending winter for summer.

Sweet, sacred summer.

We're living it up. Today was the chilly ocean water that captivated us. "Soak it in kids," I urged. "Soon it'll be too cold."

They swam, jumped, dug, ran, boogie-boarded... Oh heaven.

Miriam was even enthralled. "The ocean got me, Mama," she cried in delight.

It got me too, Baby Girl. Me too.

August begins tomorrow. And August begins our push towards the end of the year. From here on out, it's go go go.

No, summer isn't over yet, and we plan to love it still, but now we shift. We shift into birthday/school/holiday mode.

Here we go! 

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